QotD: “freeze your eggs so we can work you to death!”

Anonymous: Why don’t you like the FB and Apple policy to freeze an employees eggs? The proposed solution of providing more flexible arrangements doesn’t appear to solve the problem. Leaving a career when one is fighting to establish themselves is detrimental, whether it be for motherhood, illness, etc. It seems that the solution is to “be there” during that critical window, which is what the policy provides. What am I missing?

Two reasons: first, it seems like yet another fake benefit that’s being touted by a company wanting to seem progressive and pro-worker when in reality it’s really designed as yet another method of forcing employees to center their lives around the company instead of actually maintaining a work/life balance.

Secondly, as it said in the commentary, this doesn’t actually do anything to combat the overarching culture wherein women are punished for our reproductive capacity and expected not only to be primary caregivers to our children but also to maintain successful careers (see how men are never asked whether they can “have it all” when it’s culturally acceptable for them to leave the majority of the burden of maintaining the family and home to their female partners.) Rather than creating generous maternity leave, encouraging paternity leave, giving better options for child care, flexible hours, work from home, etc., the answer is “freeze your eggs so we can work you to death!” It’s only critical to “be there” during that window because the culture of the workforce makes it so. Basically what they’re doing is admitting they have no interest in changing harmful attitudes, just provide a little compensation for giving up your life for them.

Next Years Girl


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