QotD: “you are a garbage person, your politics are absolutely worthless”

I’m not going to reblog the post because I don’t want to contribute to hijacking what was meant to be a moment of solidarity for a victim but jesus christ if your politics cause you to believe it’s important to put “friendly reminders that radfems are evil!” on posts about a radical feminist who was raped then you are a garbage person, your politics are absolutely worthless, and you need to fuck off to a mountain where no one but the rocks and lizards will be bothered by your horribleness.

Next Years Girl

5 responses

  1. BUT TEH PPORR whoever this is attacking you, me, and our ilk.

    Trans plus MRA bottom line message: “Women deserve raping, especially the ones who won’t throw themselves at our feet and lick our boots.”

    More it changes, more it stays the same.

  2. I’m not sure if this is exactly related to the subject of this post, but I find it absolutely infuriating how many people on the Internet misuse the term “radical feminism” when they are actual referring to straw feminism or claim that radfems and MRAs are two sides of the same coin (when nothing could be further from the truth). Especially those who claim to be skeptics or “rational thinkers” when they are clearly being anything but when it comes to women. (Most notably the so-called “Rational Wiki” made the latter claim about Radfem Hub in an entry on some MRA site.) I mean, really, if they were to use the same arguments that they make about feminists about gay rights activists, they would be heroes for homophobes everywhere.

  3. Men think any irrational self-serving thing they pull out of their backsides is ‘logical’, because all men are raised with a highly inflated sense of their own self-worth.

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