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BBC Radio 4 programme on British Asian victims of child sexual exploitation

Really good programme on Radio 4 this afternoon, and an important reminder that British Asian girls (and boys) are being groomed and sexually abused too.

As inquiries into child abuse in Rotherham continue, File on 4 investigates claims of a hidden problem of sexual abuse within Britain’s Asian communities.

While the victims of recent grooming scandals have mostly been white girls, campaigners say Asian boys and girls have also been subjected to abuse over many years.

Male and female survivors tell Manveen Rana there’s a powerful culture of denial stopping many speaking out and getting justice. They say communities too often close ranks and ostracise or threaten those who complain, while leaving perpetrators to carry on.

QotD: “Clearly and unambiguously shows you exactly who these men are, dunnit?”

You hear that a lot from the MRAs. That not being able to own women as slaves is worse than being a slave. That being arrested for rape torture and abuse is worse than being raped tortured and abused.

Clearly and unambiguously shows you exactly who these men are, dunnit?

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