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It’s time for the triweekly ‘summerise the entire blog into one comment because some arrogant lazy dudebro thinks he can prove me wrong’

Dude, you may have read all the comments, but you haven’t understood shit, as you’ve typed out the same tired old drivel numerous dudes before you have typed.

If all porn with any kind of coercion or violence in it were banned, there would be no more porn. Even so-called ‘ethical’ porn can include extreme sado-masochistic violence. If your measure of ‘ethical’ production is just that the woman says she enjoys it on camera, then all porn would include such a clip, because the women wouldn’t get paid otherwise.

Only a tiny handful of women performers get to make a lot of money in porn, all the money is in the production side, which is dominated by men (and a woman behind the camera making money off other women’s backs is not ethical). Most women last less than a year in the industry, and have to do stripping and prostitution on the side to survive. The fees in porn are not high when considered against the potential physical and psychological damage, and the fact that women do not last long in the industry.

The porn industry itself fights tooth and nail against any legislation to protect it’s ‘workers’, and the astro-turf group that does so claims to be representing the workers, and fighting for ‘freedom’ – the porn industry is inherently exploitative, the way the porn industry exists, for real, in the real world, demonstrates that.

Also, I find it funny that dudes like you are arguing both that the industry can be regulated to make it ‘safe’, but at the same time, any attempt to ban it would drive it underground – isn’t the latter claim just admitting that it’s a semi-underground industry already? Pornographers won’t switch to ‘ethical’ production, because that doesn’t actually sell, men are very honest about wanting violent porn.

And dude, ‘procreation’ is having children, men masturbating on their own to porn doesn’t make any babies! It is very obvious to me, and to anyone else with any kind of critical analysis, that porn consumption is about having a fleeting moment of power over women (the dude above admits as much, but you only read that comment as some poor lonely man), pornography is a part of patriarchal domination, it confirms again and again that women are sub-human (and the fact that they appear sometimes to enjoy it just proves how sub-human they are).

Ask yourself, how is it possible for a man to masturbate to these images, without him hating women in some way? The fact that you can watch this video, admit it’s horrific, read the comments left by men underneath, but then claim that the idea that porn desensitises men is ‘fanaticism’, just proves to me that you have been desensitised to violence against women. Violence against women is not committed by a few outlier men, it is committed by otherwise normal men, at epidemic rates.

Also dude, read up on what objectification means, it’s not simply about looking at a woman.

And finally, quit with the whining: I’m a man! I’m not allowed to have an opinion! Wah Wah Wah! The whole fucking world belongs to you, and anything you say in a mainstream forum will be given more weight, simply because you are male, even if you are only repeating something a woman said moments before. If you had actually had a look around on this blog, you would see that I only ‘shoot down in flames’ commentors, male or female, who disagree with me; that’s what having an opinion, and defending said opinion, actually involves. If you think you are having some kind of crime committed against you by having someone disagree with you, in a way that proves you are wrong, you should stay off the internet.

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