QotD: One of the main things that attracted me to radical feminism is that it has virtually nothing to do with “belief systems” or “ways of thinking.”

One of the main things that attracted me to radical feminism is that it has virtually nothing to do with “belief systems” or “ways of thinking.” It simply observes and names WHAT IS and WHAT HAS BEEN and concludes that women are, after all, human beings.

Philosophy bores me. Theory is meaningless. We live in a world of physical realities that must be dealt with in order to liberate women, and it is under this set of realities that radical feminism must operate.

From Not Cis, Just Woman


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  1. I just want to let you know that notcisjustwoman has said very antisemitic and racist things in the past. A lot of Jewish women, including myself, have felt attacked and alienated by her writing. I don’t see any radical feminism in her writing at all. Frankly I think the quote above is ridiculous, because if she doesn’t think radical feminism cultivates its own/reacts to theories and philosophies she needs to get out from the rock she’s under. Usually people who say “philosophy bores me” don’t have the mind to understand it.

    I’ve been trying to warn other radical feminists about this person who clearly hates women not like her, but I’ve been accused of “horizontal hostility.” What’s the harm in making feminism unsafe for Jewish women, right? She’s the typical tumblr “radical” feminist: racism is wrong unless it’s towards women I don’t like, I’m a “misandrist” until it’s time to cook my boyfriend dinner, I’ll distort radical feminist theory to justify my rage at transgender people (but never my boyfriend)…..the list goes on. I appreciate your blog so much, and I just hope these things aren’t welcomed as feminism:






  2. Ok,

    1. Criticising Israel and antisemitism are not the same thing.

    2. A bunch of tit-for-tat squabbling doesn’t prove much either way.

    3. I read the quote as saying the radical feminism was routed in the real world, rather than being, on the on hand, post-modernist/queer theory, which uses obfuscatory jargon one needs an undergraduate degree to even begin to understand, or, on the other, wishy-washy, ‘choice’ rhetoric which challenges nothing.

  3. “Criticising Israel and antisemitism are not the same thing.”

    Thank you so much for pointing that out, since I, as a Jewish woman, had absolutely no idea that was true! It would be fine if she just kept it at that, but did you miss the part where she referred to a Jewish woman disagreeing with her as an infiltrator and said Judaism is a religion and the Jews are not a race? Or that she uses Zionist basically as a synonym for Jewish scum? Because that is antisemitic as fuck and I’m not going to stop calling it out because some asshole hides her hatred behind feminist rhetoric.

    THIS is why Jewish women feel unsafe and unwelcome in both liberal and radical feminist circles, because this goes beyond “tit for tat squabbling.” If it weren’t for Jewish women like Andrea Dworkin and Shulamith Firestone (going back as far as Judith), this stupid white woman playing radical feminist on tumblr wouldn’t even be here. She can try to obfuscate the truth as much as she wants, but this is not some conspiracy of Jewish women trying to take her down because her feminist theory is sooo dangerous….this is fucking painful for us to be told once again that we’re overreacting.

    Can you try to understand a little bit where my anger is coming from?

  4. Thing is, all I can see is over-reacting. This is one anonymous women on tumblr (a platform that was built for pointless squabbling), and you are expending all this energy trying to – what exactly I’m not sure – get her excommunicated from radical feminism? It doesn’t work like that.

    Has she actually said ‘Jewish scum’ anywhere? Does it actually matter if she says Judaism is a religion not a race? (Surely Ethiopian Jews demonstrate that it is – like a lot of things – rather complicated).

    I’m sorry you don’t, as a Jewish woman, feel safe in the tumblr-based radical feminist ‘community’, you are in fine company along with lesbians, mothers, and probably most other women, as tumblr, being what it is, is full of shit like this.

  5. Not Cis, Just Woman

    As you can from Morag AKA Choco’s ridiculous classist assumptions about my inability to understand philosophy and bizarre assertion that I cook dinner for my boyfriend (what the fuck?) she is nothing more than an annoying little jerk who has, for some unknown reason (because it suely isn’t actually about the Jewish issue… much of which is entirely invented in her head) decided she wants me off of tumblr. Sorry to disapoint, but I don’t scare that easily.

  6. I’m only going to engage you this one time, so I hope you can stop goying around for a minute to listen. First, who the hell is Choco? Do you think all Jews are a hivemind or some ZOG conspiracy against you? I’m not whoever that is, but I am a woman who’s fed up with antisemitism amongst feminists, and yes what you said qualifies as that. Sorry if it hurt your goy feelings, but antisemites are stupid and if the shoe fits, I’m going to call you stupid. Why can’t you realize that it’s about your shitty behavior and not some super secret plot or “Jewish thing”? You do realize that Jewish women are human too and are going to have opinions when someone nonJewish says something about us right?

    And yes, it is a big deal that you call Judaism a religion and not an ethnicity, because IT”S NOT YOUR PLACE. You’re not Jewish, and you do not get to define our identity for us. The historical genocide and expulsion of Jews has always been RACE based, not faith based. When you say “oh it’s just a patriarchal religion,” you’re not only denying our oppression but erasing the matriarchal roots that tie Jewish women historically to feminism. That’s the trend that disturbs me in some feminist circles-that hating Jews is somehow a form of activism and blow to the patriarchy.

    The funny thing is, not once here or on your blog did you ever say “I’m not an antisemite.” Instead you’ve continuously used antisemitic language (I don’t care what your opinions are about Israel btw) and made it seem like some kind of conspiracy. Look, as a radical feminist I know you get a lot of MRA hate and death threats and you’re wary when someone tries to call you out on something since it could be a risk to your safety. Can you at least try to understand where I’m coming from and show a little sympathy?

  7. This is ridiculous. Take it somewhere else (both of you), I don’t want it on my blog.

  8. Not Cis, Just Woman

    I have no intention of engaging with her here, or elsewhere, ever again. I appreciate you posting my initial comment, because I do feel that it’s right that I should be able to respond when someone is making these kinds of off-the-wall accusations against me in a public space. You will not have to worry about hearing more on this from me on your blog. Keep up the excellent work.

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