Someone actually typed this into a search engine

what is the name of that thing that people put their dicks in in porn videos

It’s shocking, not only that there exists a person who doesn’t know the word ‘vagina’ (it’s not that they didn’t know the spelling, they didn’t have a clue that the word exists in the first place), but also that the person who wanted to know the word ‘vagina’ (or ‘anus’, or ‘mouth’ for that matter, but most likely ‘vagina’), could only think of a vagina as something that exists in porn, for ‘people’ (men are the default ‘people’) to put their dicks in. For whoever this is, women, and sex, does not exist outside of porn.

3 responses

  1. For anyone who thinks I have nothing better to do than make this shit up:

    Search engine terms 18Nov14

    (When I copy and pasted it into Word, I got the whole thing, as quoted above.)

  2. I would never think that of you, but you might also consider dick bondage devices.

  3. Not beyond the realms of possibility, but again, Occam’s Razor.

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