Tiny Diner

Tiny Diner

Who are we?

Tiny Diner is a start-up with a social conscience, passionate about two things: fresh, organic baby food, and the social well-being and safety of women and girls.

We need your help to get our product range launched, and the Tiny Diner Sampling Van on the road. Once launched, every pound in profit from Tiny Diner will support the work of Eaves – a charity with a social mission to expose and address violence against women and girls.

What’s special about Tiny Diner?

Tiny Diner was created by Eaves, inspired by the women it supports, to generate income and create training and employment opportunities for women who have faced domestic abuse, sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

The Tiny Diner chilled, organic baby food range will provide babies, toddlers, and young children with the healthiest and most nutritious baby food possible. Tiny Diner draws on the trend for fresh, local ingredients incorporating seasonal produce wherever possible, with transparent labelling of nutrients to aid busy parents. The meals will be sold chilled and can be frozen by the consumer or the retailer.

With a team of experienced volunteers including child nutritionists, a professional chef, and key industry figures in food and marketing, we have developed a brand and range that we all believe in. It’s not just us; we already have orders from two major specialist delicatessen chains and firm interest from several UK supermarkets.

Tiny Diner needs your help!

We need your help to get the Tiny Diner product range launched, and fulfill the orders we already have.

Money raised through Crowdfunding will be spent on manufacturing the initial range of products, plus buying and kitting out a vintage van to get the ‘Tiny Diner Sampling Van’ on the road. We will take the van to baby shows, food fairs and food markets around the UK to raise awareness of our product, and of course our wider social aims.

By pledging your support today, we are one step closer to bringing Tiny Diner to market and getting the Tiny Diner Sampling Van on the road. Please pledge whatever you can to help us achieve this – by getting Tiny Diner launched we can help women who have experienced the worst in human nature, to see the best.



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