Daily Archives: November 23rd, 2014

“Hundreds of ‘missing’ children at risk in Greater Manchester”

Almost 650 children reported missing in Greater Manchester in 2014 were at risk of child sexual exploitation (CSE) or serious harm, a report has suggested.

The study said police received 9,789 reports concerning 3,242 missing under-18s between January and September.

It said some had been reported missing more than once and almost half of the reports were about children in care.

The report by Stockport MP Ann Coffey was commissioned in the wake of the Rochdale grooming case in 2012.

There were about 1,000 convictions in about 13,000 cases of serious sexual offences against under-16s over six years, the report said.

Ms Coffey said the children that had gone missing from care were “very vulnerable” and “at significant risk” of being sexually exploited by predators.

The report found that of the 3,242 individuals reported missing to Greater Manchester Police (GMP), 530 were in care.

That number is over three times the children that were reported in neighbouring Lancashire, where 999 under-18s were classed as missing by police in the same period.

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