QotD: “So now I have several messages in my inbox defending children’s right to wear a bra”


What the fuck does a 2 to 5 year old need a bra for except to be hypersexualized as a child? How is this in any form appropriate?

The Evil Feminist

So now I have several messages in my inbox defending children’s right to wear a bra. What the fucking hell, libfems?

The Evil Feminist

And now there are like 5 messages calling me a pedophile, because I have a problem with a store selling a bra for toddlers.

The Evil Feminist

If she's too young to be wearing that

tbh this is why people are calling u a pedo

we don’t see anything wrong with it because we don’t sexualize little girls.

in Feminist News today we discover that dressing toddlers in lingerie is the same as wearing comfortable clothes for the weather! Next: is your baby sexy enough to be a pole dancer? take our Liberated Sensual Infant quiz to find out! Please note that any critique of these behaviours will be called pedophilia or slut-shaming, depending on how young we think we can get away with calling a child a “slut” ;D

Pick ‘n’ Nix (tagged: “liberal feminism is the stupidest crock of dumbfuckery”)


2 responses

  1. That’s pretty mind-bending.

  2. Yes, the magical thinking of liberal feminists is that there are no problems until a radical feminist points them out – we can literally reshape reality with our thoughts!

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