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QotD: “The sex industry lobby scares the fuck out of me”

legalised lies

The sex industry lobby scares the fuck out of me, not because of their “exposing abolitionists for who they really are” or “debunking the lies of (fake) ex-prostitutes who want to ban sex work”. Those things are as sincere as neo-nazi’s “exposing the zionist conspiracy that has enslaved the world”. No, they scare me because of their greater resources and the fact that they are not held back by the truth. They can lie all they want, because there is nobody trying to fiercely “debunk” their own personal stories.

All we want as survivors is to be listened to and to see that something effective is being done against the very thing that affected our lives so negatively. That’s it. Our goal is not “to prohibit sex work, because fuck ‘em dirty whores”, many advocate for the Nordic model (wich is NOT prohibition!) because they believe it reduces the influx into the industry. That’s prevention instead of damage control. We think prostitution is harmful, because we were harmed by it. And if that can traumatise us, it can traumatise other girls and women (and boys).

I understand that there are actual women in prostitution and porn who don’t mind, especially in elite sections of the industry. And i also understand that we both have people on our “side” whoms toxic breath breathes down our necks. You have the facilitators, pimps and pornographers and we have the religious nuts.

Some survivors have black holes in their memories due to trauma or drug abuse, many speak up after more than a decade of silence. Painting them as liars and delusional fiction writers to protect your economical interests is mean, we’re not speaking up for fun either.
You say it’s about safety, i keep that in mind, but what about our safety? And most important: what about the safety of all the girls who newly enter the industry against their free, independent will?

Perhaps it’s not us saying “fuck ‘em dirty whores”, but the people you consider your “pro-sex” allies.

From Legalised Lies, “A survivor of prostitution speaking up against the sex industry lobby”