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Search engine terms 04Feb15

Demisexuality or porn addiction

Bonus points to anyone who can work out what the first term is actually on about.

4 responses

  1. well, a ‘demi tasse’ is a half cup of coffee, or a small cup — like the size in which you’d serve Turkish coffee. And a ‘demigod’ is a lesser god, one of a lower rank. So i guess ‘demisexual’ is a bit sexual, or inferior sexuality. how’s that? In real life, then, I suppose someone who is a demisexual is one who is sexual only under the influence of Turkish coffee. Or one who is obsessed with Skjöldr, say. How’s that? do i get bonus points?

  2. “A demisexual is a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone.”

    So basically, anyone who’s not either asexual or a pornsick asshole?!

  3. Hi Easilyriled,

    Actually, my comment was poorly worded, I was wondering about the previous search engine term I caught in my screen cap:

    “fundi sucing a men in a girl pic in asex”

    But have a bonus point for the funny comment anyway!

  4. Francois,

    This is the problem with ‘identity politics’, they obscure what is really going on.

    I think this old quote, and the comment thread underneath, covers this well:

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