Categories Overhaul

I have decided to undertake a massive overhaul of the categories used by this blog; with over one thousand posts from six-plus years of blogging, it has become unwieldy.

My aim is to have more categories, with fewer posts in them (although some, like ‘quote of the day’, which is a catch-all for anything not written by me, and anything that doesn’t fall into any other category, will remain unwieldy).

Some categories will merely be re-named, others will be merged; some, for example ‘violence against women’ and ‘objectification/comodification’, are so broad, they cover most of the blog and are therefore not useful. Other categories will become more exacting; for example, ‘Radical Feminism’ will be for posts specifically about radical feminist theory, politics, and activism, not just anything I think is good from a radical feminist point-of-view.

My aim is to create a system that allows readers to easily find out what I have written on a subject (and therefore avoid wasting my time and embarrassing themselves with stupid, lazy questions).

The only really big change is the loss of the category ‘pro-sex anti-porn’; I took it down as the tag-line of the blog quite a while ago, as I thought that, while it worked well as a slogan for protesting outside the Playboy Store on Oxford Street, it was not nuanced enough for what I want to do with this blog. Since I have had some shit-for-brains dudebro tell me that ‘pro-sex anti-porn’ means I “should absolutely be cheering for heterosexuality” I know that my decision was the right one.

It’s going to take a while, and things will be a mess in the mean time. Here is a screen-cap of the current categories, in case anyone wants to make a comparison:

Categories 01

Categories 02

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