QotD: “You know it’s bad when the glitterqueers sound like actual fundamentalists”

I saw a photoset of a dude with a beard in different stereotypically “feminine” outfits talking about how he’s “genderfluid” and all these people were commenting about how gorgeous/stunning/amazing and brave/inspirational he is and it pissed me off so much, I can guarantee if it were a gnc woman in stereotypical masculine clothes & body hair no one would be commenting about how ~stunning~ or ~brave~ she is. And apparently wearing certain clothes is all that’s required to be “genderfluid”…?

That’s one thing I love about Iggy Pop, and Bowie and those glam rockers. Even Eddie Izzard, a “transvestite” comedian.

When asked why they wear “feminine” clothes, they look at the interviewer like they’re nuts.
Iggy Pop said it best:
“Wear women’s clothes? This isn’t a woman’s dress – it’s mine!”

Which makes sense.

You wanna feel a breeze, be my guest, guys. But just like Highlanders aren’t genderfluid for wearing kilts (by all means tell them that, though, I’ll watch), wearing a dress doesn’t mean a damn thing.

It’s regressive and conservative – and it reminds me of nothing more than my Evangelical relatives saying that girls must wear skirts and boys must wear trousers and anything else was transgressing against God’s Word.

So, you know it’s bad when the glitterqueers sound like actual fundamentalists.

Appropriately Inappropriate

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