QotD: “I think it changes nothing”

How do you feel about BDSM with a Dom woman and sub male? I know your not a fan of BDSM , and I’m sure you’ve answered something like this before, but I’m curious as to how you feel on that dynamic.

I think it changes nothing.

There is such a thing as “topping from the bottom”, and from my experience within that scene, whenever I saw a FemDom situation, you could always tell who was calling the shots.

And it was rarely ever the woman.

Most of the time, she would do precisely what the man said—whereas a male Dom would tell a female sub “this is what we’re doing, like it or leave”.

It was just another example of some woman performing sexuality for a man.
I didn’t find it quite as toxic, because honestly I did see a lot less overtly abusive behaviour—but I also saw a LOT less FemDoms, to the point where the second I changed my profile status baaaaack in the day, I got about a hundred messages from men I didn’t know “just saying hello”, within about 24 hours.

So, I don’t think it changes anything, not really.

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