QotD: “leftist men are literally the worst”

leftist men are literally the worst 01

leftist men are literally the worst 02

I like my feminism the same way I like my life
Without men

And women wonder why they aren’t being listened to! Excluding out the people you are fighting against, the big bad “oppressors” really helps!

You know. It’s a joke. I sometimes think this: if men wanted to, we could destroy almost every. Single. Woman. On this planet. Almost all of the worlds militaries are 90%+ men. All the strongest, fastest, people in the world are men. All the smartest, innovative people in the world are men. This is not something I like saying, nor thinking, but it always pops up into my head when radical feminists and general bigots say this sort of stuff. “Oh, I don’t need men!”. You do. If we WANTED to, YOU would be the ones down to 10% of the population. If we WANTED to, WOMEN would still be slut-rags. If we WANTED to, women could do NOTHING.

And you know what? We aren’t that fucking bigoted. We believe all people should have equal chances. We believe all people should be nice, caring, and so forth. The only thing us big bad meanie “oppressors” ask for? An acceptance. We accept you people. You are expected to accept us.

“Men could fucking kill all women if we wanted to.”
“Misogyny isn’t real, why are you afraid of all men, stupid feminists.”

He literally just said that women should embrace & worship men or we will be violently eradicated…

Holy shit men are wild lol

leftist men are literally the worst

Pomeranian Privilege

(Tagged: and then they wonder why women don’t wanna be their ‘comrades’ in their dumbass groups, and yet they never think it’s because they are vile pieces of shit they think it’s because ‘women are just capitalists, women just aren’t enlightened like us to the harms of capitalism anyways lets go pay a dude to abuse and rape women’, like id rather die than have anything to do with these dudes.)

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  1. Well how thoughtful of men not to just murder us all in our sleep, we women who birthed them, raised them, and often continue to care for them in adulthood.

    That’s it, I’m becoming an MRA.

  2. My answer to these kinds of ‘arguments’ used to be yes, but so what? But now I actually think it’s bullshit: in the completely unlikely circumstance that all men co-operated to enslave women (so that’s IS and the KKK co-operating), society would collapse into a Hobbsian world of all against all, as men constantly fought each other over this ‘resource’. Also, think about how many vital roles women take in society, everything would collapse, utilities, medical services, food production and distribution, we’d die out in a generation.

  3. jodiethalegend

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    You just keep proving our point…

  4. That is pretty fucking amazing. As I saw someone say, communism on tumblr is just some different version of consumeurism. But this just takes the cake.

    I don’t want to distract from the woman-hatred, which is the main issue. I’ve always been of the opinion that women have far more to gain from separating from men than men have to gain from separating from women. If men exterminate 90% of women, they would go extinct in short order because men’s lifestyle depends on exploiting women. If women exterminated 90% of men, the economy would tank but they would be in a pretty good shape from any measure (especially criminality).

  5. To be honest, I think we’d do fine.

  6. Not that women are ever likely to do such a thing.

    In all the utopias/distopias/ambiguous inbetweens written on the subject, it’s a disease of some sort that removes all or most of the men.

    By comparison (and very apropos the above), James Tiptree Jr. (Alice Sheldon)’s ‘The Screwfly Solution’ has alien interference cause the earth’s men to turn murderous and kill off all the women (it was a form of ‘pest control’ prior to colonisation).

    But the thing that gets me about that story is that it doesn’t feel that far from the truth, you could write a similar story without the alien interference. We’re part-way there already, with religiously motivated murders in the ‘uncivilised’ parts of the world, and porn and BDSM related murders in the ‘civilised’ parts.

    I don’t believe in biological essentialism, I don’t think this kind of violence is innate to men; in both the examples cited above, the underlying cause is the same, patriarchy, and male entitlement. We’ve had 6000 years of it, and men haven’t been that stupid yet, patriarchal violence hasn’t been that annihilatingly (self) destructive yet.

  7. I think sex-selective abortion is one way the male population could be reduced without bloodshed, if we can get women to agree to it.

    Either way, as long as I’m one of the ones who stay alive, I welcome our new female overlords (overladies?).

  8. It’s gotten to where every time I see some long, really overlong comment that is super angry and outlining in great detail why the (usually female, but sometimes POC) commenter is WRONG WRONG WRONG I automatically know it’s a male. They will then continue until you block them.

  9. The fact that there are men out there who think there’s nothing wrong with male genocide scares me. And I’m a woman. Why is it so damned hard for us humans to simply get along and love each other? It seems like we’re all determined to hate each other for completely bullshit reasons. Yet we don’t have to hate each other. So why do we so often choose that? Why can’t we choose to be compassionate and understanding instead? Why can’t we try to understand what everyone else is going through, and help each other out?

  10. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  11. Duuuuuuuude

    Feminism is the Political and economic EQUALITY between men and women.

    Abortion is cool, because your body, your rules, but explicitly against boys? What the hell?

  12. Francois, it doesn’t even have to be that ‘violent’ (and I don’t think abortion is violence), sperm sorting is very low tech, and the technology for turning (female) stem cells into sperm cells is already under development.

  13. Amananta,

    Too true!


    Not being born in the first place is not genocide, if it were, every woman who has ever had a period is a murderer.

    The reason we can’t just all get along is patriarchy, and men raised under patriarchy. Women have been nice to men for millennia, and, on a class level, it hasn’t stopped men beating and raping and murdering us. Hating men as a class for the abuse they commit against us is not ‘bullshit’.


    How is talking about male violence a form of violence?


    Duuuuuuuude, who are you talking to duuuuuuuude? Because if it’s Francois, it’s not ‘his body, his choice’ when it comes to abortion.

    Also, duuuuuuuude, feminism isn’t about ~equality~ with men, it is about liberating women from patriarchy. Which men should I make myself equal to under the status quo? The rapists? the batters? the pimps and pornographers? the warmongers? the politicians and businessmen who enable the destruction of the environment?

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