QotD: “Even UNICEF is using “child sex worker” to refer to exploited children”

From the Bewilderness:

Even UNICEF is using “child sex worker” to refer to exploited children, apparently. God is dead.

The sex industry has got its hands on everything.

Paying to rape a baby does not make the baby a “sex worker”.


unicef "child sex worker"


2 responses

  1. I saw this very disturbing headline at CNN this morning and I’d like to share it here. It, also, includes this very disturbing language, referring to a 12-year old, trafficked girl as a “sex worker.”


    This kind of language being used at victims of child rape and trafficking – as well as at women of all kinds – is not an accident or a coincidence. It is an effort by the prostitution lobby to create more victims.

  2. It is an insidious manipulation of language. It makes this a ‘labour’ issue, and completely invisibilises the demand side of commercial sexual exploitation, and also completely invisibilises the fact that it is abuse, by labelling it ‘work’ and criticising the ‘working’ conditions.

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