QotD: “It’s dudes prioritising their own orgasms over ending male supremacy”

I internet-know a lot of anarcho-communists and other assorted leftists who subscribe to the liberal positions on porn and prostitution. It’s pretty infuriating, because they tend to acknowledge that at least 90% of the time, both porn and prostitution are filled with rape and violence, and then they turn around and say that the principle of “choice” precludes any sort of political critique of either. They’re basically saying that any analysis should be centred on some hypothetical model that only exists in their heads, that’s completely abstracted away from any of the material realities experienced by prostituted women.

And they don’t reason the same way about anything else, either. Like, when some social democrat brings up a worker-owned business, they’ll point out how it doesn’t actually present any kind of serious threat to capitalism, but if you try to tell them that the existence of wealthy, white women who love their burlesque classes doesn’t do anything about they misogyny inherent to prostitution, they just brush it off. Any political analysis that tries to challenge the principle of male sexual access to women is rejected. It’s dudes prioritising their own orgasms over ending male supremacy.



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