QotD: “why are white ~intersectional~ feminists always pushing this “nothing bad happens to women outside of the west”

why are white ~intersectional~ feminists always pushing this “nothing bad happens to women outside of the west, saying patriarchy exists in your home country is actually racist uwu, also please let me use you to stick it to other feminists who say anything about patriarchy and make me have to think about how being gender conforming isn’t super subversive and destroying the patriarchy”

hair removal_race 01

Pomeranian Privilege

‘all body hair removal is catering to the patriarchy’ people whats the obsession with pretending the only form of body hair removal is shaving? it just strikes me as odd. oh right you ignore that body hair removal happens in other cultures like threading and waxing and sugaring because then you’d have to confront that things that happen in western culture also happen outside western culture and that they can mean different things and have different contexts.

and then how would you be able to mark your body as feminist and integrate feminism into your identity as a set of practises or standards so that you can tick boxes and shut the door on the constant practise of reevaluating ideas and challenging yourself and your actions to ensure a constant and inclusive process of growth that actually works to destabilise patriarchal ideas and institutions?

but no ALL body hair removal is shaving ALL body hair removal is armpits legs and pubes ALL versions of body hair removal fits under your unmoving definition of what is and isn’t feminist. even though you will only ever live the experiences of one woman, yourself, and you cannot and should not speak for other women, especially when your voice silences and ignores others.

ah, yes, when my mom rode the bus in Kolkata as a student, guys putting change in the armpits of women who didn’t shave to mock them (to imply “buy a razor”) was super feminist, bc it happened in a brown context where women do threading. uwu uwu

This is so wild is everything ~brown uwu~ bois do feminist on this site

i forgot that patriarchy doesn’t exist in ~other cultures~ outside of ~western culture~

hair removal_race 02

hair removal_race 03

Pomeranian Privilege

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