QotD: “the presence of social conservatives … needs to be identified and assertively ousted if radical feminism is to maintain its integrity as a movement”


See women as women. Not as objects.

This is interesting. Hopefully it will serve as an object lesson in dangers facing radical feminism.

‘Fighting The New Drug’ is not advertised as such, but it is an anti-porn campaign by Mormons which explicitly seeks to target radical feminist niche and inject its own ideas. It’s worked, I’ve seen radical feminists reblog from it without investigating the source, which makes sense considering how fast this site moves and how ideas tend to be judged by how they appear on the surface.

Isn’t that interesting? The fucking Mormon church, which specifically preaches and practices the subservience of women, trying to disguise its agenda with platitudes against objectifying women.

No Mormon input on the topic of porn is needed. We know who it harms and how they are harmed, unless we have bought the porn industry’s PR. We know it is to be opposed and to be opposed on our own terms as radical feminists. Yet it’s clear that social conservatives have caught on and seek to stake their claim in this debate.

Notice the framing of this piece. What is ‘nofap’? It’s a redditor term originally. A lot of the redditor boys believed that they would unlock latent sexual prowess by permanently ceasing masturbation. ‘Nofap’ was the name of the challenge where they would stop masturbation for a while and preach about how much healthier and happier it made them.

So, from what I’m guessing here, some Mormon social media strategist fucks saw the term somewhere on the Internet, and had a eureka moment. They can package their social conservative agenda along with their anti-porn stance, using hip, trendy internet terms! There is absolutely nothing to suggest that masturbation leads to an increase in sexist attitudes or that it has harmful health effects. Pornography is not essential to masturbation any more than it is essential to sex. The only motivation for suggesting an essential connection between the two is that the Mormons fucking hate sex. They aren’t interested in healthy sexual boundaries and an end to harmful and coercive sex and the idea of sex as compulsory. They just think that sex needs to be strictly for procreation, between men and women only.

Honestly, the presence of social conservatives, envoys from patriarchal institutions like the Mormon church, needs to be identified and assertively ousted if radical feminism is to maintain its integrity as a movement. Eliminating the industries and practices that thrive off of the abuse and exploitation of women is our goal. Raising the next generations to hate themselves and be ashamed of their sexuality is not. Allying with virulent homophobes and transphobes is not.

Denounce ‘em where you see ‘em. That’s all I have to say.

Real Subtle

(found via Next Years Girl)

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