QotD: “No Fire, No Fight, No Feminism”

i really fucking hate this new “feminist” thing where women being victims is wrong, not men victimizing women, but women acknowledging we are victims to male violence and male dominance. being anything other than a super empowered sexy strong woman is wrong and acknowledging any woman as a victim is now “looking down on women as weak, helpless and having no agency”. i don’t know where it came from but it needs to stop.

Pomeranian Privilege

This isn’t new. This idea has been around for years and was given a name by liberal feminist Naomi Wolf who calls acknowledging that women are victimized primarily by men under a male-dominated system/patriarchy: “victim feminism.” While she classifies a corporate liberal feminism as “power feminism.”

“Victim feminism”, according to Wolf, is “anti-(hetero) sex, anti-male, hostile to individual achievement, and portrays women as helpless victims who are naturally non-competitive cooperative and peace-loving; and “Power feminism,” which embraces women’s “power” and success, a feminism that works safely within the constraints of capitalism and the two-party system and is both “lucrative” and “fun.” She dismisses the entire left wing of the women’s movement – Marxist-feminists, radical feminists, lesbian-separatists, etc. – by throwing them all into the (bad) “victim feminist” pile, thereby ignoring the tremendous diversity of ideas and approaches they represent, and leaving her only with a conservative “new age” “create your own reality” feminism, one that strives to join the establishment on the establishment’s terms.” – No Fire, No Fight, No Feminism, — Ann Menasche


2 responses

  1. Perhaps the great emphasis on equality within liberal feminism, concurrent with the diminishing idea of women’s liberation, has something to do with some women’s refusal to acknowledge that we are victims under male supremacy. Specifically, as regards “equality with men”, it reeks of masculinity when women are associating being a victim with being weak, especially when victims often have to accept their vulnerability and loss of power/control. This generates many negative emotions like depression and anger. Contrast this with “power feminism” which seems to me the ideal of a woman with masculine traits – strength (of will), assertiveness, resilience (to emotions, of being disaffected by them).

    Maybe I am rambling a bit but I really think there is something to this. Is this what female strength is supposed to look like? Because if it entails integrating masculine attitudes and traits, then I think we have betrayed ourselves. I also think the popularity of the sexy empowered woman (empowered by capitulating to male demands/desires, no less) occasionally reveals the hatred that women have for themselves, if not the role they have been foisted into. Denying the realities of male supremacy may be a survival tactic in the end, but it’s a maladjustment, certainly not something we should be encouraging or celebrating.

  2. I think you’re right, it’s easier to pretend nothing’s wrong than to directly confront women’s victimisation (as women) – we can see this most strongly among sex industry advocates, who denounce sex industry survivors as liars; they literally deny women’s victimisation in an industry that is built on and relies on women’s victimisation.

    (I once had a liberal feminist tell me I was ‘pitying’ global south women by talking about FGM, fistulas etc.)

    I always say, when someone tries to tell me that feminism is about ~equality~, which men should I make myself equal to? The rapists, the batterers, the pornographers, the warmongers?

    No commenter yet has ever come back to answer that!

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