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QotD: “the abyss has stared fucking back, and the punk ass boy is you”

Why aren’t fathers teaching their sons how to respect women and their daughters how to identify predator behavior instead of “protecting” her with overt displays of hyper-masculine violence that does nothing to actually teach his daughter how to make grown up, informed decisions about her sex life or change the culture his children are growing up in? Why aren’t fathers considering that their daughters might not want to have anything to do with men or boys, sexually or otherwise? Why are fathers insisting on publicly obsessing about the sex and dating lives of their pre-teen daughters and then acting appalled that other men would view her sexually? Why are men incapable of not being the fucking worst?

Next Years Girl

Men could save themselves so much time and energy if they focused on understanding that women are human beings and teaching other men to do the same instead of getting all roided up in pointless displays of machismo over the mere thought of someone else treating women the way they treat women.

Next Years Girl

Men call women they disagree with cunts, dumb bitches, stupid whores, and more because they can’t conceptualize of a woman having worth without her “belonging” to him, then get upset when other men treat “their” women women with disrespect. Men treat women with violence and disrespect and then go around terrified that other men would have the audacity to do the same to “their” women. They say they need to protect their wives and daughters and sisters from “little punk ass boys who would treat them like shit” without realizing that the abyss has stared fucking back, and the punk ass boy is you.

Next Years Girl

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