Daily Archives: May 29th, 2015

QotD: “Part of that oppression is the construction of femininity”

Hello, can you please explain your feelings on that quote you just reblogged, about feminine traits? (I understand if you don’t want to spend time explaining it but I would really appreciate it! Thank you either way)

It’s not called feminism because women are “shamed for their feminine traits,” it’s called feminism because we live in a society organized around a hierarchy of the sexes, where males violently subordinate females and oppress us on the basis of our female sex. Part of that oppression is the construction of femininity to make us weaker, less educated, more docile, more encumbered, less powerful, and more subservient. Femininity doesn’t just happen to exist naturally and men don’t just happen to dislike it and shame us for it, it is specifically constructed AS THE MAIN ENGINE OF OUR OPPRESSION and is not natural or innate.

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