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QotD: It’s more accurately called “having a personality”

So are you saying that nonbinary isn’t a valid gender?

I think that it’s more accurately called “having a personality”.

What is gender? Like, really now, what is it?

It’s a set of predetermined, socially constructed behaviours and roles assigned to members of a certain sex.

Very, very few people ascribe exclusively to their gender roles.

For example:

I love red lipstick, fit’n’flare dresses and high heels. These are coded as “feminine” in gender.

However, I ALSO love science, astrobiology, aviation technology and combat arts – all “masculine” behaviours.

Am I non-binary? Am I gender-queer?

Hardly. It just means I’m an individual with wide and varied tastes and interests – like everyone else on the planet.

I think gender is toxic and I don’t understand why, instead of accepting that fact and working to get away from it, they just make a billion new genders as though that’ll help.

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