QotD: ‘Peak Discourse’

Peak Discourse

Found at Next Years Girl


6 responses

  1. It’s gotta be satire. Right?

  2. Damn gatekeepers.

  3. It could be satire I suppose, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell.

    My hypothesis is that it comes from the Hannible TV series fandom, which seems to exist to ‘prove’ what a misunderstood soul the torturer-murderer-cannibal is.

  4. Look what I found in my ‘Special Snowflakes’ folder:

    aromantic bisexual hannibal lecter

  5. Uh yea, because Hannibal is such a… relateable character. He’s so… misunderstood??

  6. Definitely misunderstood, but not in the way the special snowflakes think.

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