QotD: “Who gives a shit if they give up power for an hour or so?”

Why celebrate men who like to “give up power” in the bedroom when they go to a dominatrix? I am all for men giving up power, but give it up in politics, in corporations, in the legal system, in the banks, in the whole wide world.

Who gives a shit if they give up power for an hour or so to some woman with a whip (who has no real power in the world) when they then put on their clothes and go right back to their power positions? Their power position may be fluid in the bedroom, but women’s powerlessness is cemented in every institution. No fluidity for us!

Gail Dines

(Found at the Bewilderness)


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  1. I apologize for what must be a stupid question but I have to ask–where and by whom is this being celebrated? I’m not doubting the source or claim, I just missed the phenomenon being commented on and… well, I guess I just want to be more directly disgusted? …maybe I don’t want to know…

  2. 50 Shades of Grey is completely mainstream, but that’s female masochism, which is seen (by misogynists) as being an inherent part of being female.

    Pro-BDSM people and liberal feminist like to play up male masochism as being somehow subversive, when it isn’t, it’s still the status quo.

    May I recommend the following posts?




  3. Thank you. I’ll read them. And I think I’d repressed the existence of 50 Shades.

  4. jodiethalegend

    Reblogged this on Where The Wild Words Are.

  5. …and wow. Yeah, well, that helped clear it up for me. Thanks again.
    Got a shovel I can borrow? Lowering my estimation and expectations of our society to accurate levels is apparently going to require some digging.

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