QotD: “Kingpins of pediatric transition confess: We have no idea what we’re doing”

How many ways are there to say: “We just don’t know?”

On June 30, 2015, PBS Frontline aired a story about “transgender kids.” The program presented a more balanced view than the usual pro-transition media coverage, with doctors actually admitting that there is much that remains unknown about dosing kids with hormones and performing surgery at younger and younger ages.

Frontline posted a companion article about pediatric transition on their website. In this post, I will excerpt from the PBS piece, along with several other sources, highlighting quotes from well-known gender specialists.

There’s a lot of redundancy in what I’m about to share, and that’s the point. It turns out that the top dogs of pediatric transition agree: we just don’t know whether puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, “social” transition, and the other “treatments” being foisted on our “gender nonconforming” youth can be justified – because we don’t have the evidence.

Some phrases you’ll see:

  • There is no objective test
  • We still don’t know
  • Someone will figure it out
  • There are so many unanswered questions
  • Hopefully there will be research to begin to answer these questions
  • Unknown consequences
  • What’s lacking are specific studies
  • Risk is unknown
  • We don’t know the long-term effects
  • We’re in unknown territory
  • There is no medical consensus

Oh, but the gender doctors do bemoan the unfortunate lack of evidence. They wring their hands, claim to be “worried” and “troubled.” They say they sincerely “hope” that “someone” will do the necessary research. Funny how none of them mention how or whether they themselves will spearhead these desperately needed studies, or apply for research grants.

There is no mention of slowing down or stopping the medical transition of children. No suggestion that maybe it would be prudent to halt what they’re doing until there is some actual evidence that they are not doing irreparable harm. To CHILDREN.

Nope, lack of evidence isn’t stopping any of these “gender specialists” from plowing full speed ahead, continuing to diagnose and treat “gender nonconforming” toddlers, elementary-school children, and adolescents as transgender-until-proven-otherwise.

It’s as if they think they can be absolved of responsibility for future negative consequences, just by confessing in the Church of Public Opinion that they are operating in the dark.

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