So what does ‘equal opportunities objectification’ look like?

Coda did strip shows for seven years and says “there is completely a difference between female and male strippers. Women have to get their money, they are paid a house fee [EDIT: I think he means they pay a house fee] then have to sell and do whatever it takes to get money off men at the end of the night. With what we do, people have paid for tickets to see a show. We have to deliver to ensure repeat customers but we are doing it because we love performing.” Forbidden Nights was created two years ago “because women’s entertainment had been stagnant for 15 years”, says Coda. “It was all dry humping and bananas with cream — everything we are against. Women want variety without having a willy in their face.” (Willy is one of the terms the boys favour; “winky” is the other.) “We wanted to do a show we could bring our mums to. We do a bum flash that brings the house down but that’s the really naughty bit.”

Why, it looks completely different for men and women!

(From the Evening Standard)


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