“man found guilty of murder after ‘perverted sexual assault'”

A habitual user of drugs and hardcore pornography has been found guilty of murdering a vulnerable woman by carrying out a “perverted sexual assault” in which a shampoo bottle was forced into her abdominal cavity. Majella Lynch, 51, suffered a fatal infection and died in hospital after the brutal attack by Daniel McBride, 43, at her flat in Southampton. The details of the attack were so shocking that a juror hearing the trial at Winchester crown court fainted when the prosecution opened the case.

DCI Ellie Hurd, of Hampshire police, said McBride had carried out a “horrific, humiliating and sadistic attack on an extremely vulnerable woman for his own perverted purposes”. She said: “Having invited himself into Maj Lynch’s home, he callously inflicted horrendous internal injuries to her, leaving her to die a prolonged and no doubt excruciatingly painful death.

“Daniel McBride has repeatedly lied about what happened that night and showed no remorse for his actions, which can only have added to the uncertainty and distress of her friends and family. I hope today’s verdict and the sentence which follows can provide a degree of satisfaction that some justice has been achieved for Maj.”

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  1. A similar sounding case from Australia:

    An inquest in November 2014 found Norma bled to death after a sexual encounter with Attwater and his friend Paul Maris on an overnight camping trip on Ten Mile Beach, half an hour’s drive from Maclean. The trio had been camping around the coast and drinking together over three days prior.

    A sex act performed by Attwater in the back of Maris’s 4WD ruptured an artery inside Norma. Medical experts attested she was likely in severe pain before she fell unconscious and died on a blood-stained mattress in the back of the vehicle.

    Norma suffered internal injuries that one forensic pathologist said were “more severe than those which occur in even precipitous childbirth”.

    It was not those injuries but a “jagged” 45mm laceration on the outside of her vagina that would likely have left Norma in extreme pain in her final conscious moments.

    Attwater later told a paramedic they had had “wild sex”.

    It was not their first sexual encounter.

    But coroner Michael Barnes ruled Norma, whose blood showed up alcohol content exceeding 0.33% as well as traces of methamphetamine, was too intoxicated to give “meaningful consent” to the sexual exchange, which abruptly ended when Attwater showed Maris blood on his hand.

    Barnes rejected Attwater and Maris’s claims that Norma did not cry out in pain, that she remained conscious after the sex and only later collapsed after going for a swim to wash the blood from her legs.


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