QotD: “Prostitution emerges from the subordination of women”

Prostitution emerges from the subordination of women. If that were not so then there would be men along the roadsides and women buying them. But men cannot ‘choose’ prostitution. Women do not have a sexuality of dominance and have not been reared to see men as objects for their use. Prostitution is about men’s rights and privileges from male domination to treat women as objects for sexual use. If there was equality then women would not be able to ‘choose’ prostitution because it would not exist.

Sometimes an industry is so harmful, like the logging of old growth forests, that it has to stop despite the fact that some will lose their jobs. So the fact that some women say they ‘choose’ is not an argument against ending men’s prostitution abuse of women.

Saying women choose is womanblaming. Prostitution is for men, not a welfare system for women and concentrating on why women are in prostitution allows the hiding of male responsibility and the role of men. The demand has to be stopped and the demand is from men.

There are many reasons why individual women enter prostitution. Some are inducted by their parents. Some are rounded up at children’s homes by pimps and hooked on drugs to enable them to be sold. Some have heroin habits already. Some have debts or no other way of paying rent. Many have suffered so many other forms of abuse already that the violence of prostitution does not look so bad and they have already learnt to disassociate.”

Sheila Jeffreys

(found via Pomeranian Privilege)


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