QotD: “Female Firefighters Get Their Oxygen Turned Off By Misogynist Males”

Male supremacy is a killer for women in every male dominated field, which is just about every high paying job that has excluded women for centuries. It doesn’t matter whether the field requires physical qualifications or is a ‘brain job.’ Women are being kept out and once in, are sexually harassed and in this case, attempted murder.

Female firefighters in Canada are having their water hoses turned off and their life giving oxygen turned off by their male co-workers so they’ll die on the job. These men sexually harass and rape their female co-workers. It’s so bad that women don’t dare speak out, and the women that have, have been driven out of the job.

Men make it harder for women to get in, forcing them to carry more weight, do more physical activity than the men. So I don’t want to hear this shit about women not being as tough.

Men put shit in women’s boots, and wank off watching porn in the firehouse and don’t give a shit about the women they work with.

Jocelyn Roberts, remember her name. Her male co-workers attempted to murder her by turning off her water during a fire. After the attempted murder, males continued to bully and sexually harass her so badly, she killed herself.

Men also don’t leave women alone while on the job. They send sexually explicit emails to their female co-workers, dick pics, and the rest, while the women know they are to remain silent because the boss, another male supremacist ass, won’t do anything about it. In fact, he’ll encourage it. And that’s exactly what happened. Instead of stopping the sexual harassment, the Captain of the firehouse raped her.

The white male firefighter doesn’t want to accept women into the ‘man club.’ Don’t think this hasn’t cost female lives and lives of the public, because it has. Men are poison, wherever they are allowed to congregate and dominate any field, any area. These men would rather turn off a woman’s oxygen while she’s fighting a fire and kill her, than have to stop wanking his dick in the common room of the firehouse. What’s a poor white male to do?

One Captain was fired for saying misogynist comments to his female co-workers. The men left behind were so angry, the brotherhood closed ranks, and blamed the women for this man’s inability to stop calling them ‘cunts’ and ‘whores.’ The misogynist Captain was reinstated and 2 of the three women he harassed ended up quitting.

House Mouse Queen, full article here

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