QotD: “It’s psychological and it starts from the moment that they walk into your office”

Donny Pauling 01

Donny Pauling 02

Donny Pauling 03

Donny Pauling 04

Pauling has been contracted by Playboy and “other well known [porn] companies” and spent 9 years working in the industry.

“Donny Pauling recruited 500 1st time porn actresses. He says most were college students.”

Donny Pauling, from a US radio interview, also featuring Dr Gail Dines, available on YouTube:

Found at (ex)Gynocraticgrrl

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  1. Interesting post. The psychology of pornography. And it still going on more the ever in today’s mixed up world. Still, barely legal girls are ‘all the rage’ and easily seduced by sleaze ball men and now amazingly also women in hard porn business. Some women even claim it’s a spiritual thing to do! Yes, spirituality and pornography. This self named psychic/ spiritual medium and healer actually runs one of the USA biggest porn business. And is known for creating and profiting from Hustler’s ‘Barely Legal’. Sick.

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