“Adult film actor Amber Rayne found dead in her Los Angeles home”

Adult film actor Amber Rayne, a 10-year veteran of the porn industry, has died at the age of 31 in her Los Angeles home, according to the county medical examiner.

Rayne was one of five women to recently accuse fellow adult actor James Deen of assaulting her during a scene, joining porn star Stoya in coming forward.

Her cause of death is not yet known. The assistant chief of the medical examiner’s office, Ed Winter, said her death appeared to be the result of an accident or overdose.

Winter said that Rayne was at her Sun Valley home with a friend on Saturday when Rayne collapsed, and her friend called 911. Paramedics arrived a little after 3am, and Rayne was pronounced dead. As of Monday afternoon, an autopsy was pending.

Rayne was an adult entertainer with more than 500 credits to her name, according to AVN. On Twitter, colleagues described her as “one of the sweetest people in our industry”. She also rode dressage as a hobby, calling herself a “dressage princess” and posting about the sport on social media. She was originally from Detroit and was born Meghan Ren.

She told the Daily Beast in December 2015 that she was filming a scene with Deen when she called him a “son of a bitch”, allegedly a “trigger” for Deen, and that he became upset. Rayne said he punched her twice in the face, before penetrating her so violently she started bleeding and couldn’t finish the scene.


Amber Rayne


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