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QotD: “The brothels outside Las Vegas have had to deal with a lot over the years – and now they have to worry about virtual reality porn taking their business”

Another uncritical piece on the sex industry, but like I’ve said before, I can trust my readers to see something I don’t entirely agree with.

I’m sure we can all come up with some alternative theories to the ones being offered below.

The brothels outside Las Vegas have had to deal with a lot over the years – and now they have to worry about virtual reality porn taking their business.

The porn studio VR Bangers and headset maker AuraVisor are rumored to be rolling out a room service option at various hotels around Las Vegas for $19.99 a night.

At Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel in Pahrump, about an hour outside the city, staff like to keep abreast of tech news and were swift to respond.

“People are going to visit the top sex tourism city so that they can masturbate alone in a room?” said the manger, Dena, adding that VR is a “gimmick”. “I don’t think so.”

Dena says she loves technology in general, it’s just virtual reality she has a problem with. When webcams got big, Dena and her team incorporated a webcam-like experience into one of their on-site fantasy houses. When social media took off, she and the women who rotate in to work on the ranch took to it immediately, Tweeting and Facebooking, all the better to skirt the laws banning advertising of the sex industry.

As the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has grown, their brothel has expanded both in both size and influence, and Dena has become increasingly press savvy, sending out tech-related press releases timed to industry trends. She notes that there’s usually a 70% increase during CES week.

Yet the one trend that worries her more than anything she’s seen before is virtual reality. “It’s a big thing on your head,” Dena said. “The whole thing is just too awkward. I don’t understand it. It seems lonely.”

Long a science fiction fantasy, virtual reality has recently seen a spike in investment, engineering talent and progress, with Facebook-owned Oculus Rift, Samsung’s Gear, HTC’s Vive and Sony’s PlayStation VR all lining up to claim their share of a very early market. Porn producers have been some of the first to jump in to make content for it. But Dena thinks the enthusiasm around virtual reality misses what people actually need when they have sex.

“People need human contact – it’s not just something that’s a want, it’s an actual need,” Dena said. “Look at newborn babies, they survive better with human touch. As adults we need that as well.”

“You can’t procreate with a virtual reality headset. Well, I guess you can’t procreate in a brothel either.”

She likens it to another tech trend the porn industry exploited a few years ago: the webcam. She said there was a webcam tool that allowed an entertainer to remotely control a device that the customer wears, allowing for a greater sensation of intimacy between the two.

“I heard about that years ago, and everyone was talking about it, but that didn’t take off real huge either,” Dena said. “People may try out virtual sex, but you’ll go back to what you like, and that’s human touch. If they’re that lonely they should come to a brothel and not sit in a bedroom with a headset.”

The brothel business is doing well, she says, and innovating in its own way. They have a new massage room that involves body-to-body contact while covered in seaweed gel. “The girls like to refer to it as adult slip and slide,” she said.