QotD: “Radical feminism centers female human beings and views everything through the critical lens of how it affects women and girls”

since it evidently bears repeating, yet again-

radical feminism centers female human beings and views everything through the critical lens of how it affects women and girls. it is the polar opposite of my-choice-is-the-right-choice-because-i-made-it, don’t-think-too-hard, stop-if-your-feelings-get-hurt, never-examine-anything-too-deeply, this-subject-is-sacred-and-exempt-because-it-makes-me-uncomfortable-to-see-it-analyzed, individualistic choosey-choice liberal “feminism”. it will not hold your hand. it will not make exceptions for the men and boys in your life just because you want those exceptions made, just because you want a class-based means of analysis to take into account you and your feelings.

it doesn’t feel good to be challenged in that way, to be met with critique that hits close to home, but if you find yourself unable to reconcile with that–or if you ever find yourself on tumblr using lines like “radical feminists are out to get het-partnered women/mothers/etc.”, which is so patently ridiculous i have trouble even writing it here as an example–take a second to examine why you’re calling yourself a radical feminist in the first place.


it’s a real shame we’ve been robbed of being able to just say “i’m a feminist” and have ourselves understood, because now a whole host of women have felt the need to adopt the term radical feminist just to be differentiated from corporate endorsed, pro-porn liberal feminism and then they find out later on that they aren’t actually radical feminists, they are not seeking radical analysis or action and they do not want to see radical change take place because it might challenge their personal choices and up-end their comfort. and we see this play out here, on this awful blue website, with self-proclaimed radicals in outrage when confronted with analysis that does not assure them that everything they are thinking, feeling, wanting, and doing is empowering and feminist and requires no further examination whatsoever.


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