Daily Archives: July 4th, 2016

QotD: “Putting women first in a world that hates women is not ever going to be an easy ride”

Sometimes it is hard to hear yourself described as a terf, a bigot, hysterical, a prude, actual human garbage. You know what you are fighting for is dignity and fairness for women, but you have a million men, in dresses and out, telling you that you’re literally, hitlerally the worst sort of oppressor of the most oppressed people on earth. A bona fide monster.

This has happened every time women stick up for themselves. It happened to the suffragists. They were knocked down in the street for just wanting to vote. It happened to the women’s libbers. Marc Lepine shot feminists down with bullets. But they don’t do it because we’re Hitler. Men act like this when they’re threatened, especially misogynistic men.

Putting women first in a world that hates women is not ever going to be an easy ride. But something that makes me feel better about all this is knowing that the more threatened they are, the angrier and nastier they get, the more I know that I’m on the right track. Any cause that gets men so frothingly supportive has to be bad news for women, has to be. And if I was wrong, if I was just ridiculous, if I was talking bullshit, they wouldn’t be so determined to shut me up.


(found via the Bewilderness)