Daily Archives: August 17th, 2016

QotD: “Ok, twice-women”

Ok, twice-women: take all the princesses and bras and easter dresses and Barbies of the world you want. Don’t forget the high heels, nail polish, depilation, strict diets, sexual objectification, plastic surgery, genital mutilations, exclusive care of children, lower wages and unpaid domestic work, please.

If you could secure it to be just for yourselves, the women-more-women-than-women (like the washing-powder-that-washes-white-clothes-whiter-than-white), it would be a glorious day of liberation for the only-once-women.

We would be at last free from all this oppressive feminine shit we’re stuffed down the throat with since the day we’re born. We would be at last free from this debilitating brainwashing imposed on our malleable minds as soon as our wombs are guessed in our mothers’ wombs.

I can’t wait for this wonderful day when only-once-women will be at last given the right to be simply humans.


(found via the Bewilderness)