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QotD: ‘The Thought Terminator’

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QotD: “Russian porn ban critics urged to ‘meet someone in real life'”

A decision to block internet users in Russia from accessing two of the world’s most popular porn sites has inevitably made some people very unhappy.

But the spirited way in which the Russian media regulator, Roskomnadzor has responded to criticism of its decision to ban PornHub and YouPorn, has demonstrated that it is no ordinary government agency.

The ban announced on Tuesday follows two separate judicial rulings – a court in Voronezh banned PornHub and a court in Vladivostok banned YouPorn – which, perhaps not surprisingly, concluded that the websites “spread pornography”.

When frustrated free porn fans took to social media to attack the move, Roskomnadzor responded by retweeting one of its own tweets from last year: “Dear Lyolya, as an alternative you could try and meet someone in real life.” With the retweet it added the line “Dear lovers of the internet, this piece of advice still stands.”

And when PornHub tried to get the ban lifted with a light-hearted and very public attempt at bribery it was slapped down by Roskomnadzor, with a tweet heavy with offended integrity and the stilted language of Google Translate.

PornHub has history with Russia. It was also temporarily banned there last year. And in 2014 the company made headlines when it claimed that Russian visitors to its site were more likely to search for videos featuring anal sex than people from any other country.

The latest ban has inspired much online humour online. Nadya Tolokonnikova, the lead singer from the band Pussy Riot: “Dear government, blocking PornHub is a blow below the belt.”

But another social media user called Tolokinnikova patriotically tweeted: “By blocking PornHub and Youporn the government is supporting the domestic producer.”

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