Kitty Stryker thinks women should die for saying ‘no’ to men

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H/t to Appropriately Inappropriate for her reblog of the tweet.

Kitty Stryker is a phoney and a fake radical who has co-opted the language of radical feminism, and shills for the sex industry while providing a fig-leaf for the BDSM ‘community’.

On twitter a few days ago, she said “I swear to god I wish we could just put the TERFs and Nazis on a goddamn boat together and send them into the sea.”

When someone else added “or we could put them in concentration camps? Maybe before they went into ovens? Lol” Stryker merely complained that that was “in bad taste”.


Sryker has changed her twitter handle to “Punch Nazis”, and added a later tweet about ‘terfs’ drowning, so it’s clear she has no problem with violence against women, when they are women she disagrees with politically.


This isn’t the first time Stryker has demonstrated that she sees women she doesn’t like as not fully human, in this tweet I screen capped a while back, we can see her wondering if radical feminists are actually real people, the ‘kill all terfs’ rhetoric follows on easily.

KS tweet 04

Stryker is also an intellectual coward, who ran away from conversations on this blog she wasn’t winning, and now won’t even engage, but she does keep an eye on me, as she tweeted about my previous post more than once.

Here’s a clue for you Stryker, ‘terfs’ don’t exist, there are no ‘terf’ organisations, there are no ‘terf’ leaders, there are no women calling themselves ‘terfs’ except ironically, it’s a term trans activists made up in order to intimidate women into unquestioning silence and obedience.

Stryker also likes lying about the Nordic (Abolitionist) Model, claiming that it made it easier for the police to arrest her – tell me Stryker, how does decriminalising ‘sex workers’ make it easier for the police to arrest them?

She’s doing this still, implying that under the Nordic Model, the police are more dangerous to ‘sex workers’, deliberately and cynically obscuring the fact that the Nordic Model means decriminalising the prostitute her (or him) self.

[EDIT 19/Feb/17: If decriminalising ‘sex workers’ under the Nordic Model doesn’t make the police ‘safe’, then how will decriminalising the whole of the sex industry make the police ‘safe’?]




The first loyalty of sex industry advocates is to the sex industry itself, always.

4 responses

  1. Oh my god! What a fake, what a phoney, what a coward!

    What kind of ‘activist’ hides their ‘activism’ away where only their friends can see it?


  2. Of course, I can’t assume it’s all about me, that tumblr post has (as of typing) 93 notes.

    But if one critical blog post from me is enough to send her into hiding in her own private echo-chamber, it strongly implies that the rest of the world was generally ignoring her anyway, and that her ‘activism’ achieved nothing.

  3. I read the conversation you had with kitty stiker on that blog postin its entirety. I must say I thought she made good arguments at first, I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I assumed she was confused but sincere. But as it progressed it became clear her replies were contrived, I became suspicious she was most likely engaging only to help promote the industry – and possibly paid to do so. But these tweets confirms how insincere and harmful her behaviour truly is. Not to mention how misogynist and abusive she is prepared to be (non consentually!) Perhaps her BDSM does make her less compassionate to women after all, it certainly hasn’t helped her become empathetic or careful not to abuse women, never mind a feminist. In any case your arguments were much much better (brilliant in fact) and I could totally feel your frustration.. Ive had similar debates with other lib fem bloggers who ended up just blocking me – i was never rude or abusive – it happened at exactly the same point: When it comes to the question of juvanile prostitution or playing with BDSM fantasies about raping children (as opposed to fantasies about raping women – which apparently is just fine – yuk) they refuse to answer if its ok to play with. Yet they say fantasy and consent make everything just fine. But on this question they shut you down and refuse to confront it. I’ve never heard lib feminists defend or say its sexually healthy to have fantasies of raping children. Fantasies of torture, rape of women, or men and all manner of abuse is fine. Why? If fantasy of rape of women is fine why not defend the fantasy of rape of children, or fantasies of hanging black people or gasing jews or whatever. The answer is because of culture. We know we must be careful not to reflect bad culture in every aspect of our lives. It irritates the hell out of me because in my mind, if they were to answer this, whatever thjey said, saying it is ok or saying it is not, would end the debate in the eyes of nearly everyone who isnt an MRA fuckwit. Which is of course why they won’t answer what they already know is deeply immoral, sociopathic, disturbing and probably socially dangerous.. They have erotisised the abuse of women. They see no harm because it is normal in our culture to do so. Lib feminist pro porners haven’t (yet) erotiscised and normalised abuse of very young children. As such they can see, I believe, the terrifying harm that would do to society if we did. Its disingenuous to not confront this question, to make the connection that morally and logically they are both terrifyingly harmful to all of society. One has just already been normalised and the other hasnt. But how long will it be till it is? Mainstream porn already obsesses with teens. Fantasy , just like advertising ( a multibillion dollar industry proven effective) changes how we think and behave. BDSM, and porn culture MUST do to. Its inconceivable it doesnt if we all accept advertising (fantasies about real world products) work . Worse, we know sex in advertising influences our irrational behaviour more so. Normalising BDSM/Porn fantasies are likely to influence behaviours massively, in a similar way. I think this misogynist hateful tweet proves the point, that for Kitty Striker, its made her a cruel and hateful misogynist.

    Thanks for your work. This blog is great. Refreshing and thoughtful.

  4. Thank you for your comment!

    But I think it is possible to find liberal/sex pozzer ‘feminists’ defending ‘age play’ or ‘Role-playing as non-adults’ (the euphemism of choice for role-playing child rape), see the protests against the UK porn regulations from 2015.

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