QotD: “please stop talking about the human body as if it is a morphing vague undefinable accidental mass”


like if we were to start saying “humans don’t have five fingers because some humans have less or more” then you erase the fact that these abnormalities become disabilities. you don’t help people who are born missing fingers by ignoring the fact they don’t have the amount of fingers they should. these people grow learn and adapt but the fact that they must do so is a unique experience because of their disability, and something most people don’t have to do.

please please please PLEASE I am begging you please stop talking about the human body as if it is a morphing vague undefinable accidental mass. The human genome took thousands of years to evolve and will continue to evolve but now at this time humans have a set of characteristics that define them as humans and not as dogs or trees or bananas or birds or whales. They are primates, they are apes, they have two legs two arms ten fingers one stomach and one heart and also for the love of the moon the stars the depths of the sea and my sanity TWO SEXES

From always ask who benefits

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  1. As someone who has only eight fingers, I can acknowledge that humans have ten fingers. I am an exception to the rule but that doesn’t make the rule any less true. My lack of two fingers does not mean I’m a different type of human, it means I have a disability that causes me pain and inconvenience every day of my life. People with Turner syndrome and Klinefelter syndrome and people with ambiguous genitalia exist and they have their own struggles but that doesn’t mean that we are not a sexually dimorphic species.

    from Pamperedpunk

  2. Anonymous asked: Genderists lie about biology

    Or willfully misunderstand.

    Biology has it’s purpose in political discussion, but there are also just objective facts and I’m often just mouth open in disbelief some of the things said here with such bravado and confidence. you can’t see your chromosomes so you can’t know your sex??? I can’t see any of my chromosomes but I know my fucking eye color and I’ve got the right number of fingers and toes lmao it’s beyond comprehension

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