QotD: “I think there are two kinds of femininity”

I think there are two kinds of femininity. Things that were created to be feminine or assigned to femininity simply because they’re restrictive or sexualizing and those sort things randomly assigned to femininity. A good example would be high heels vs. the color pink.

I think people need to take this into account when we talk about both abolishing gender and abolishing gender stereotypes. We need to destroy the things in category one and move the things in category two out of any category at all.


3 responses

  1. But wasn’t originally pink chosen for boys because it was a more “active” colour and blue for girls because it was a more “calming” colour?

    So it’s still in category one. And actually I would say category two is probably close to empty.

  2. Pink used to be seen as diluted red, a military colour, while blue was closely associated with the Virgin Mary – it’s all arbitrary, so yes, category two, is, objectively, empty, but subjectively stuffed full.

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