Sex industry propaganda now targeted at children

BUST magazine reported recently (I am linking to an archived page so they don’t get more links/clicks) on a picture book (from the ‘Feminist Press'(!)) called How Mamas Love Their Babies. Within, the sex industry is sold to children as ‘wearing a uniform with special shoes’ and ‘mamas dancing all night in special shoes’. Start them young, right?

(Found via Art of Dissent on twitter)

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  1. What? Really?? Good lord, who is doing this? Where is this circulating, schools? Day care centres? Tell me it’s a sick joke…

  2. Sadly no:

    (The Feminist Press page is only 6 days old according to Google.)

    It got a starred review from Publishers Weekly, and a positive review from Kirkus (Kirkus is used as a guide by schools and libraries I believe), but all the other reviews are from sex industry advocates.

    Only 2 reviews so far on Amazon (both 5 star).

    We’ll have to wait and see what happens with this one. I can’t imagine many US schools picking it up, or in the UK for that matter. I can’t imagine any parent who isn’t massively partisan reading this to their 4-8-year-old (the age range recommended on Amazon).

    (I think this book is like those ‘qu**r kids’ programmes on YouTube, more for adult posing than actual child consumption.)

  3. This is from Amazon:

    Juniper Fitzgerald is a mother, former sex worker, and PhD based in Omaha, NE. Her academic work focuses on sex work, sex workers’ rights, and alternative methodologies informed by feminist theories and the queering of intellectual spaces. For more than a decade, Juniper worked as a sex worker in various contexts and she continues to work as sex workers’ rights advocate. She has contributed to several sex workers’ rights cultural productions, including: The Red Umbrella Diaries, a spoken word event for sex workers created by Audacia Ray; The Red Umbrella Babies, a collection of writings by parents in the sex industry (forthcoming); SWOP, the Sex Worker Outreach Project; and CHANGE, the Center for Health and Gender Equity, a non-profit that supported Juniper in her petition for congress to eradicate the Anti-Prostitution Loyalty Oath.

    I can’t imagine many parents picking that up.

  4. Good god. What have we come to?

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