QotD: “Trans women still have male privilege!”

This is from today’s PostSecret, I don’t know if it’s ‘significant’ of not! (I wonder if Frank Warren realises the hornet’s nest he’s stepping on?)

5 responses

  1. I think he might have an idea. It’s not on the Post Secret blog now.

  2. Actually, it is still there, but just the picture side of the postcard, the sixth one down with the naked woman and the dog – drag and drop it onto your desk-top and it’s still called ‘privilege’!

  3. sneaky. I can’t do that drag and drop thing, i don’t know how. I can drag it, but not drop it to my desktop. I thought that postcard was associated with the one below it, not that it was its own thing. So it still indicates that he has an idea of what kind of hornet’s nest this could become, as he’s made it so difficult to access/understand.

  4. You can also google the title on the back of the original post card, that image comes up!

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