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Thread by Dr Oren Amitay

For anyone who has read my extensive tweets and *still* inexplicably does not understand my concerns abt #Trans ideology and “activists”—which suggests you are unintelligent, ignorant and/or blinded by a hateful and/or self-serving ideology/agenda—let me draw some parallels 1/x

that might help explain: If I were an MD and I knew the sugar lobby was lying abt cholesterol, I would be exposing this far and wide. I would do the same if the APA was pushing conversion therapy for gays and I could show it is harmful to them (this was before my time but I 2/x

do talk about such things in my classes). More recently, before the DSM-5 came out, I gave many MSM interviews highlighting the concerning process and some of the proposed (potentially) problematic disorders. The point is, psychologists have an ethical duty to serve society 3/x

and whenever we see something that could potentially cause harm, we are obliged to do something about it. I think my series of videos has made it abundantly clear that we need to question how #Trans “activists” have so quickly managed to cause such dramatic changes in the way 4/x

we conceptualize and treat/work with (supposedly) #Trans or GNC issues in kids and adolescents; these issues manifest in many ways in the clinical field but also as they pertain to school, child welfare services and other such contexts. Anyone who has looked into these issues 5/x

w/an open & honest mind—which excludes many psychologists, doctors, therapists, school officials, politicians & policy makers—has seen dishonesty/deception/misleading narratives from the relevant parties; these same parties have been entirely dishonest or at least disingenuous6/x

wrt (potential) harm being caused to kids/adolescents/families due to recklessly promoting agendas and ideologies that serve the egos and/or other personal, professional or social needs of #Trans “activists” & “allies.” Can some of their recommendations potentially help *some*7/x

kids? I believe they can. But I have yet to see one #Trans “activist” give an honest and helpful answer to the question of “How do we ensure that (virtually) no child be harmed by your recommendations, given that you are in fact pushing kids in a certain direction once you 8/x

‘affirm’ their cross-sex identity?” Seriously, have you ever seen one #Trans activist deal w/such a question honestly? They all claim that WPATH has certain protocols in place, but that claim falls apart when you speak with those who have actually gone through this process. 9/x

And when you raise these things w/#Trans “activists/allies,” they all give it short shrift or outright deny it or do their infamous sleight of hand and focus on the kids who may benefit; again, they do so at the cost of many kids who are harmed by bad practices. That should 10/x

tell you something. You should also ask yourself why so many (mental) health “professionals” and other ppl charged w/ensuring kids’ wellbeing are oblivious to or desperately avoiding the realities of what I have stated here. Why are they so unwilling to have an *honest* 11/x

discussion w/the aforementioned therapists, families & #Trans ppl who provide a very different narrative than what is presented by the “activists”? *That* is why I have spoken out on these issues: it is my ethical duty to do so, even though I derive no benefit and instead 12/x

Put myself at great risk simply for calling for better/safer/more honest evidence-based practices to life-changing phenomena. How much clearer can I be? 13/13