A paedophile at Pride 2018

Eve Endor on twitter

For those who don’t know, a ‘MAP’ is a ‘minor attracted person’, it is the terminology of choice on tumblr, where you can find ‘MAP positivity’ blogs. The nested triangles is a paedophile symbol going back to PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) and NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) days (the het paedophile version is nested butterflies).

This is nothing new, paedophiles have been trying to get themselves seen as a ‘sexual minority’ since the ‘sexual revolution’ at least, but it is particularly pernicious on tumblr, because of the young age range using the site, their lack of critical thinking, and the general environment of looking for the newest oppressed ‘minority’ to support.

We need to remember, paedophiles don’t just groom their victims, they groom their communities as well. I do believe there is such a thing as an ‘ethical paedophile’ (that is, someone who is distressed by their sexual impulses, and does not want to act on them), but ‘ethical paedophiles’ do not hang around on social media trying to get sympathy from children.

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  1. Can I say that I’m utterly disgusted by these people? But then again, it’s fairly typical entitled male behaviour.

  2. Oh i didn’t realize it was typical for males to be pedophiles.

  3. Are you trying to accuse me of saying all men are paedophiles?

    If you want to play gotcha! with me you’re going to have to do much better than that.

  4. No not you. I was talking about raunchel.

  5. The ‘entitlement’ is in reference to men taking over spaces and making them unsafe for women and young people/children.

    Why are you more bothered by women talking about male violence than you are about male violence itself?

  6. I never stated that I was more concerned with one issue over the other. But two wrongs don’t make a right.

    I can disagree with raunchel and still hate pedophiles and other scum. I know there are a lot of nasty pervs out there. I have shown support for female friends and coworkers on multiple occasions when they were harassed. I take pervs very seriously.

    I just think that its unfair to say males are typically entitled to act in such ways.

  7. “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

    Do you seriously think child rape and talking about male violence are comparable?

    Also, the email address you used here has ‘raging neckbeard’ in it, so in all honesty, I don’t believe your ‘nice guy’ routine.

    Most men find this blog while searching for violent porn – how did you end up here?

  8. I believe that generalizing a gender is morally wrong. I also believe that child rape is wrong. I never said they were equal. Again two wrongs don’t make a right.You act as if its one or the other.

  9. Dude, saying ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ is making an equivalence between the two.

    “You act as if its one or the other.” This makes no sense, one or the other what?

    There are hundreds of posts on this blog you could have commented under, you chose this one, and you chose to whine about someone saying something negative about men, rather than say anything about the subject of the post itself; that tells me where your priorities lie.

    Again, I wonder how you found your way to this blog, and this particular post.

  10. Saying two things are wrong is not saying they are equal. Stealing and murder are both wrong. Believing that doesn’t mean i think they are equal crimes.

  11. You came to this blog, and the first and only thing you did was whine about how we were talking about men, that tells me all I need to know about you.

    Now fuck off.

  12. […] this is nothing new, paedophiles have been trying (with greater and lesser success), to infiltrate the gay rights […]

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