The BBC is still at it!

The BBC is still at it! An otherwise excellent and important article is self-sabotaged by calling trafficked women and girls ‘sex workers’.

You can complain to the BBC here. This is the complaint I have sent:

Why, in an article about sex trafficking, sex slavery, the commercial sexual exploitation of children, trauma, drug addiction, and abuse, are you using the term ‘sex worker’ as if this is a legitimate industry with a few rotten apples in it?

‘Sex work’ is a partisan term, when you use it, you are saying that the women and girls described in the article were not abuse victims, they were ‘workers’. Using the term ‘sex worker’ undermines the whole point of the article and spits in the faces of the women and girls described in the piece.

One response

  1. I have complained too. Thank for the info.

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