QotD: “Penelope Jackson – Verdict & Sentence”

We are horrified that Penelope Jackson has been convicted of murder by a 10 to 2 majority verdict and sentenced to life with a minimum term of 18 years, following her trial at Bristol crown court.  

As the evidence revealed, Penelope was a victim of sustained coercive control over her 28-year relationship with the deceased.  Evidence was heard before the court which showed that she had to get a tattoo placed on her bottom saying she was the property of the deceased – to stop his jealous and possessive behaviour.  Like many victims of coercive control she did not perceive that she was a victim until after the offence when she escaped his abuse and control.

This is a classic case of a slow build-up of fear and anger arising from the controlling behaviour, which became more unbearable when she was trapped in her home with her abuser during lockdown.  This finally led the defendant to lose complete control and stab the man she had been married to for 24 years and father of her daughter.

Penelope who is now 66 and of entirely good character will not be eligible for released until she is 84.  There is nothing to suggest she represents a risk to anyone other than the man who treated her so cruelly for years.

It is understood Penelope Jackson’s defence team will be appealing the conviction. 

Sally Challen, whose own conviction for murder was overturned in 2019 said:

“I am appalled, upset and I cannot believe that the dinosaurs in the Judicial System and the CPS haven’t learnt from my case. My love goes out to Penelope’s family”

Harriet Wistrich, solicitor for Sally Challen and Director of the Centre for Women’s Justice stated,

“The majority jury verdict and harsh sentence of the judge shows that there is a long way to go before victims of coercive and controlling behaviour can get justice and the understanding they deserve. There needs to be a radical transformation of the criminal justice system which is still steeped in misogynistic myths and stereotypes. Women are punished most severely if they resist, whereas men who snap and kill for no reason get off lightly.  Contrast this case with the recent cases of  Anthony Williams who strangled his wife to death and was sentenced to five years, or Sam Pybus who strangled an extremely vulnerable woman Sophie Moss to death during a drunken episode of so called “rough sex” who got 4 years 8 months” 

In our research report women who kill, published earlier this year, we have set out a series of recommendations to improve criminal justice outcomes.

Centre for Women’s Justice

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