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Brooke Magnanti just wants to protect those poor helpless pimps!

It’s good to know where her priorities lie (hint: it isn’t with women)! Advertisements

Brooke Magnanti needs to ‘check her privilege’

Magnanti was a ‘high class escort’ for 14 months, she now had a post-doc job in “cancer biostatistics, genetic epidemiology and forensic science”. She has an income from her books, is a paid public speaker and has a regular gig writing about sex in the Torygraph. Her telephone number is taken to the top of […]

Does Brooke Magnanti understand statistics?

Well, the obvious answer is yes, she does, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to do her day job properly (she is, according to her Guardian profile “a scientist in child health at Bristol University, where her areas of research include cancer biostatistics, genetic epidemiology and forensic science”). So why, then, is she spouting such rubbish […]

Has Brooke Magnanti actually seen any porn?

TRIGGER WARNING, language used in this post may be triggering Whenever someone tries to defend porn as ‘neutral’ or ‘beneficial’ or even ‘educational’, the first thing I wonder is, have they actually seen any? It seems there are only two types of people trying to defend porn in this way, or as ‘just’ a recording […]

I’m not the only one unimpressed by Magnanti’s new book

From the Guardian Review’s Critical Eye: “I can’t remember a more incoherent, confusing and downright bonkers book than this peculiar tome by Brooke Magnanti, the real-life research scientist behind the blogger and former escort Belle de Jour.” The Sunday Times’s Eleanor Mills put The Sex Myth in its place: “rather than attempting to analyse her […]

Abused women, particularly women abused in the sex industry, are routinely disbelieved

The ‘readers’ editor’ in the Observer today has written about an interview, published last week, with a sex industry survivor. I read the origin article at the time, but chose not to blog about it, precisely because of all the comments underneath saying that the abuse the woman suffered couldn’t be true. Women who talk […]

QotD: “The access to and availability of sex onscreen is, I believe, the biggest seismic change to society in my lifetime”

Mariella Frostrup’s reply to a 17-year-old girl who dumped her boyfriend when she found his porn stash is a pretty much perfect encapsulation of all the things that are wrong with pornography. Give yourself a pat on the back. If I were there, I’d be doing it for you. You should be proud of the […]

What’s with the pro-sex industry bombardment in the Guardian this week?

Not only did we have the ‘whenantisattack’ CiF piece last week, which was basically just a piece of free publicity for Brooke Magnanti’s vanity project-slash-sex industry smoke screen, we now have a piece written by Magnanti herself, telling people not to give to Comic Relief because they fund projects supporting victims of sex trafficking (backed […]

Massive straw-woman attack on radical feminists and prostitution abolitionists in the Guardian this week

Hannah Betts has a truly awful CiF piece up this week on prostitution. From the title and subtitle: “We need to face up to hatred of prostitutes – among feminists, too” and “Prostitutes are often the target for cultural anxieties about sex: a kind of kneejerk brutality against them has become acceptable”, one might imagine […]

Safe Space or Free Speech? (Do radical feminists get either?)

Even by the standards of student politics, it was a mess. Comedian Kate Smurthwaite was booked to do a gig at Goldsmiths, University of London on Monday evening when she noticed online reports of a picket by members of the feminist society. Their objections were not to her show, but her politics. Smurthwaite is a […]