QotD: “‘Pips’ Bunce enjoys a situation where NO female colleagues are allowed to laugh at him”

Margaret Atwood said men fear women laughing at them. ‘Pips’ Bunce enjoys a situation where NO female colleagues are allowed to laugh at him, despite probably really wanting to. Trans status helped get him that complete control, male privilege did the rest

Helen Saxby.

For context, see this GenderTrender post:



QotD: “Girl Guide leaders expelled for questioning trans policy”

Two Guide leaders who had raised safeguarding concerns about the organisation’s transgender policy have been expelled and had their units closed down.

Dozens of children face disappointment because there is no one else to run the units. The expelled leaders say they will take legal action against Girlguiding if their removals are upheld.

Helen Watts, one of 12 leaders who signed a letter to The Sunday Times in April asking for a review of the policy, was told on Friday that her membership was being terminated after more than 15 years with the Guides.

At least one other signatory, based in the northwest of England, was expelled. Documents seen by The Sunday Times suggest disciplinary investigations have been launched against at least five Guide leaders.

Watts, the leader of a Rainbows unit for girls aged 5 to 7 in Ealing, west London, said: “I am very upset and I am also really angry. We had some serious concerns about a policy that ignored basic safeguarding principles.”

Watts was told she was being removed because she was “not willing to follow Girlguiding’s equality and diversity policy in so far as it provides for transgender inclusion”. She was also accused of calling a fellow volunteer a “nightmare” on a private Facebook group visible to 20 people.

Since last year the Guides have allowed male-bodied trans adults who self-identify as women to be Guide leaders and trans children who self-identify as girls to be members. On trips the children can share lavatories, showers and sleeping accommodation. The policy says parents should not be told if their daughter’s leader, or a child, is transgender.

Watts said: “The policy puts all leaders in a really difficult position. It contradicts other inclusion policies — for certain faith communities for instance — and it completely contradicts existing policies around informed parental consent.”

A parent from Watts’ unit, said she was shocked at the decision: “Helen is amazing. My daughter loves her — she is so professional and she makes the parents and the children feel so welcome. It’s a real shame what has happened.”

Another expelled leader said: “I was told my membership was revoked, I had to shut my unit down and I was not allowed to talk to the girls or their parents. They said I was refusing to follow Girlguiding procedures. I told them I would follow any procedure unless it conflicted with the safety of a girl in my care.”

She was also accused of being disrespectful on social media, but said Girlguiding had not given her any examples.

Girlguiding said: “Two individuals were found to have breached our volunteer code of conduct and social media policy and sanctions have been applied accordingly” and added that the expulsions were “not based on the individuals’ personal views”.

Andrew Gilligan

QotD: “Transgender activists are fanning the flames of misogyny”

For female firefighters, prejudice and harassment is often part of the job. Women-only facilities are rare, sexism is rife and the profession is dangerous and traumatic. So how does the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) deal with the myriad problems facing their female members? By passing a policy that supports the right of men to self-identify as women, which, in turn, would enable them to use women’s dorms, washing facilities and lavatories.

Women comprise a mere 7 per cent of the UK’s firefighting force, up from just 4 per cent in 2012. But soon, if we go along with the line taken by the all-male national executive committee, there will be a few more, only these “women” are likely to have penises and Adam’s apples.

The policy was voted in on Thursday, eight votes to three, by an executive committee made up entirely by men. Its statement claims that: “The FBU is keen to ensure, for example, that women in workplaces are fully involved in discussions about the provision of women-only facilities and the impact of the proposed changes on those provisions.” But, according to a number of senior female FBU members I have spoken to, the voices of women have been largely ignored. “Many of us are outraged that a group of men have decided, without any consultation with female members, that a man can self-ID as a woman,” Lucy Massoud, the FBU’s LGBT representative told me.

This sorry tale from the FBU is just the latest in a long line of outrages towards women in the name of transgender inclusivity. For the past year, the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act – which would allow people to self-define their legal gender – has created a massive ruck between transgender activists and feminists. It’s hardly surprising – there are potentially dire consequences to a law being passed that allows men to just decide they are women, and act on that decision immediately. If the law allowing self-identification passes, it would mean the end of women-only refuges, changing rooms, tents at Girl Guide camps, hospitals and psychiatric wards, and even prisons. This idiotic campaign has even been adopted by the Labour leadership (consisting of macho men reminiscent of the Seventies), who have decided to support having men who claim to be women on all-female shortlists.

Self-appointed “feminist allies” such as the Leftist poster boy, Owen Jones seem to get a thrill out of screaming “transphobe” at those of us who make it clear we do not believe men can be women simply because they say they are. When the world finally wakes up from this Orwellian madness, and the cowards who have so far been silent on the issue finally dare to speak out, it will become as clear as day that – as so clearly illustrated by the case of the FBU – transgender ideology is nothing more than gross misogyny dressed up as progress.

Julie Bindel

QotD: “Imagine unironically saying that pornography isn’t a public health and safety crisis or a crisis of morality with a straight face”

Imagine unironically saying that pornography isn’t a public health and safety crisis or a crisis of morality with a straight face … when articles like this have to be written

From jaggedlittlepills on tumblr

And here is the original article

How many penises am I holding up Winston?

Me, on tumblr, answering the ‘what about gay porn?’ question


Yes but it won’t stop at rapists. Normalizing the misgendering of anyone sets a dangerous precedent.

This is why i’m fighting so hard on #RapistHill. If we give any ground they will not stop until all trans rights are systematically dismantled. First the rapists, next everyone else.

I’m standing up for myself. If we normalize erasing the identity of rapists then i’m next

It’s not just being called a dude, its the systematic destruction of trans rights. rapists are just the beginning. If they got their way we would be lined up against a wall with guns against our heads.

AllieLia on twitter

QotD: “Some gems regarding how Doms see sub women and how to get what they want from them”

An entire page dedicated to the various kinds of psychological conditioning/manipulation techniques developed over the history of psychology and how to apply them to your sub or slave so they do what you want and are compliant.

Younger women are easier to manipulate train according to them.

Rules for my personal slave [there are 50 in total – APL]:

1) It submits to the will of its Master and it is bound to Him. It accepts His authority over it for its purpose is to serve, obey and please its Master. It will be managed, disciplined and controlled in a manner beneficial to its slave training and long-term service and inclusion in his household as a slave.

2) It accepts that part of slave training is the actual physical control of its behavior. It will have no privacy from its Master. The space it occupies all its time, physical actions, privacy and relationships with others are controlled and managed by its Master.

3) Communication with its Master is one of the most important aspects of its development as a slave.

It is responsible for answering each and every e-mail sent to it by its Master and when not in His presence, it will send Him at least one e-mail or contact Him each and every day. It must be both specific and explicit in its speech.

It will give complete and accurate answers to each and every question that its Master asks of it.

It is allowed no secrets from its Master.

It will work hard to welcome this openness of body, mind and soul.

4) To receive pleasure it must earn it. It must always give thanks to its Master for all it is given immediately after receiving it, for such things are gifts or privileges granted to it by Him. This also includes any punishment and discipline that it may receive so that it may grow in bondage and serve him better.

5) It will not hesitate in its obedience to its Master and will respond quickly to all orders given.

How to keep your submissive on their toes (lol this is p fuckin rapey)

Obserwuj Urazsuckza

QotD: “Six years in the gender wars”

New Year’s Day 2015 was a bad one. My main memory of it is the moment when my husband essentially scraped me off the bed, where I was lying face-down, crying, because I’d seen a tweet from someone I thought was a friend – someone I’d worked with, someone whose kid I’d babysat for – denouncing me as a “terf”. The occasion for the denunciation was a piece by me published earlier that day. My editor had double-checked that I wanted to go ahead with it – there would be, she said, a lot of flak, which I knew anyway but one of the reasons I like writing for her is that she asks that kind of thing. The piece was worth doing, regardless of flak, because it was about something important: the way suicide is reported, and the potential for harm when it’s done badly.

Sarah Ditum has written a really great summery of her past six years as a radical feminist, and the ongoing state of trans activism; I would really recommend reading the whole thing.

What’s the best way to discuss the harms of BDSM with someone still in the scene?

1. I think the most important thing to remember is that you’re talking a human being who’s in a community where they’re expected to be subservient and brown nose all the time. They are in a community where men study aspects of psychological manipulation/learning theory and then warp it so they turn these women into what essentially amounts into an automaton bang maid that has no will or thoughts of her own.

2. You’ve got treat dealing with these women like you’re dealing with someone who has an addiction to illicit substances – it’s not a “choice” or a moral failing, it’s a mental disorder/disordered sexual development called a “paraphilia”.

Paraphilias typically develop after something fucks up during the childhood/adolescent development stage.

Most people who have paraphilias (whether male or female,) tend to have a high level of comorbidity with self-esteem issues, personality disorders, anxiety and mood disorders. Similarly, most sub women tend to have histories that are littered with physical, sexual and psychological abuse in the forming phases of their psychology and their identity.

Would you tell a woman in an abusive relationship that wasn’t a part of a BDSM relationship that she loves to be abused and that she’s contributing to the abuse of other women by staying with him? Why/why not?

3. Encourage these women to seek help for mental issues that they may have ESPECIALLY resolving trauma and building self-esteem and self-identity.

4. Encourage these women to seek friendships OUTSIDE of the BDSM community – a great example of why this is important is seen in the rise of DDLG bullshit on here and in BDSM circles.

These women are discouraged from talking to the opposite sex/forming friendships with them; they’re discouraged from socialising outside of the BDSM world because they take the attitude that “vanilla people just don’t get it and they think we’re perverted freaks.”

Try engaging with them in outside interests – are they an artist, inquisitive, interested in space or w/e? Talk to them about non kink related shit before you bring up why Doms are fucking horrible shitcunts.

Sub women are often socially isolated particularly if they’re more “committed” to living the lifestyle.

5. Set healthy boundaries with them – if you don’t wanna hear about how they can’t get off unless they have clothes pins on their clit, a ball gag in their mouth while their boyfriend whips them and calls them a filthy cum eating cunt, SAY SO POLITELY. See above – they’re socially isolated and often are discouraged from speaking their mind unless it’s enforcing a boundary (and even then, the kink community is rampant with doms who don’t care about their subs boundaries). If you’re out and their “owner” is hassling them, remind them that they are entitled to their own lives.

6. Be supportive, but don’t try and cover for the problems that arise in their life as a result of being in the BDSM scene/lifestyle. You need to be honest with them about the consequences of either the lifestyle (if you’ve been in it yourself,) or of stepping over your boundaries or social norms (think those dumb teenagers who walk their girlfriend in the shops on a leash.)

7. Be optimistic for them and make them see the glass half full, but remember at the end of the day, you can’t make their choices for them. Just like with the heroin addict who’s shooting up in the bathroom and hiding his baggies in your couch, all the love, light and education in the world is not gonna make a difference if they can’t get past their own cycle of negative and self-harming bullshit.

Obserwuj Urazsuckza