Playboy Quiz

1. Which Playboy cartoonist created the cartoon above?
Answer: Bill Hoest

2. In which year did Playboy publish an article entitled ‘Presumed Guilty’ by Harry Stein claiming that child abuse is a fantasy?
Answer: 1992

3. How many TV porn channels does Playboy run in the UK?
Answer: 6 – Each offering over 50 films. Titles include: ‘Barely 18 Anal Virgins’; ‘Wait Your Turn Bitch!’; ‘Fresh and Juicy Lolitas’; ‘Cum Drinking Sluts’; ‘Ripped, Stripped and Shagged’; ‘Cock Hungry Fuck Sluts’; ‘Double Entry’; ‘Piss Loving Lesbian Sluts’ and ‘Submissive Sluts’

4. Which high street retailer promoted Playboy duvet covers in the kids bedding section?
Answer: Argos

5. In which country did Playboy magazine contain a detailed article entitled, “How to Beat Your Wife…Without Leaving Prints” in April 2000?
Answer: Romania

6. In 2003, what did Hugh Hefner say in response to a question about the ethics of marketing Playboy brands to children?
Answer: ‘I don’t care if a baby holds up a Playboy rattle’

7. According to ex-Playmate Jill Ann Spaulding, what curfew did Hugh Hefner impose on his numerous girlfriends?
Anwer: 9.30pm

22 responses

  1. How horrendous. Truly sickening. It is so sad to see women and young girls buying playboy merchandise. Degrading themselves and women in general without conciously thinking they are doing so. How have they managed to infiltrate society in such a manner?

  2. Playboy – like all big businesses – is very clever in its merchandising and in its marketing. There’s also the insidious nature of the rabbit-head logo itself; how is any adult supposed to explain to a nine-year-old girl, who wants Playboy merchandise the same as all her friends, exactly what it represents?

  3. I agree with the other person.
    Me and my friends are all among the age of 13. My best friend loves the Playboy bunny logo, and she doesn’t even know what it stands for.
    I don’t mind drawings, but when it gets to actual photos, it IS truely sickening.
    Plus, most of those girls’ D cups are from plastic surgury. >_>

  4. criticalthinker

    Yep. This makes me feel ill. The titles of those films…I felt my blood start to boil. I am so angry! As a woman who has protected myself from porn (of all forms)…I am horrified at all of this…and angered! And saddened. To know that men view women through those eyes (and that so many women LET them) just breaks my heart.

  5. These things make me sick, and I don’t think it does much help to assume that if we just “educate” men that we’re human beings, then they’ll just listen. They already know we’re human beings. they just don’t care. No more “they don’t know any better” excuses, or “they need to be taught”. You don’t need to be taught someone else is human.

  6. Hi White Valkyrie,

    I agree, it’s a waste of time trying to convince misogynist men not to be misogynist any more, and that men’s abuse of women happens because male-dominant society lets them get away with it.

    But what is a feminist concern is how boys are socialised into being men, porn culture plays a part in defining masculinity, challenge that, and we are challenging the dominant idea of what a ‘real man’ is like.

  7. Absolutely true. Even though most men are mean, there would be a lot less of them if they weren’t brainwashed into it.

    But truly, come to think of it, if a person was good, wouldn’t they be immune to the brainwashing in the first place? I mean, if someone tried to talk me into killing a bunch of people because they were Chinese, I wouldn’t do it, I would be willing to resist. So we need to put more responsibility on the men.

    And I don’t think men do not realise what they are doing is wrong. I think that’s impossible. They just pretend they need to be “educated” a little better when they are caught doing something evil, to make it look like they didn’t know any better.

  8. Hello WV,

    I don’t strongly believe in any idea of inherent ‘goodness’ (the amount of violence throughout history for religious and nationalistic reasons suggests that what is ‘good’ can be highly subjective).

    We are the products of our environments and our upbringing (I favour nurture over nature), and arguing that men must be inherently ‘bad’ because they have been raised into patriarchy isn’t really helpful. Some men are lost cases, some will overcome their upbringing, the majority will be somewhere in between.

    If you had been raised from childhood in an anti-Chinese society, where killing a Chinese person was the highest virtue imaginable, you may well have been willing, if not eager, to kill a Chinese person.

    Also to note, a lot of misogyny isn’t outright, few men are actively ‘for’ rape, but many believe rape myths, so only believe in ‘real’ rape (‘real’ as in a stranger jumping out of a bush), this is something that can be countered with education.

    I am not against holding men responsible for their actions, regardless of their upbringing, but claiming that men must be inherently ‘bad’ helps no one.

  9. Porn should be considered a crime. Its more distructive then drugs and yes the creeps molesting children,rapping woman,the idvious did not escap,e me porn is hideous

  10. I belive that what White Valkyrie is refering to is the lack of punishment for sexist men.That annoys me a lot too.It seems men have gree card to do whatever they want and in the end,we must “understand” they don´t know what they are doing.I see it a lot in porno/prostitution discussions.Men´s violence is always justified and women´s revolt is alwyas a joke,when confronting men´s “innocence”.

    Curiously,those same men think women must love them,and call feminists “misandric”.It´s too much hatred put togheter and unfortunally,many women fall in this trap( including many feminists).I were insulted when i expoused it to feminists,i don´t know how they want changes with that “peace and love” speech.It has been cathastrofic to all women.( note: i am speaking for my country,Brazil;maybe in other countries it´s different)

    So,WV,you are more than right.

  11. AntiPLondon. You are falling for the biggest lie of all- the “men don’t know any better” myth. Even when it’s highly implausible, people still say “men don’t know any better.”

    We do live in a misogynistic culture, BUT, men as well as women, are “taught” by at least SOME parts of society, “don’t hit ANYONE”, “don’t lie”, etc. How can they know it’s wrong to do these things to everyone, and then suddenly “forget” its’ wrong to do to half those people?

    It’s not that they don’t know. It’s that they don’t CARE.

  12. “I’m not against holding men responsible for their actions,”

    Yes you are. Know it or not, you absolutely are. By falling for the myth that men need to be “educated” about stuff they already know, you are perpetuating the “men just need to be educated” myth.

    However vile and misogynistic our culture is, people are still taught not to harm people in general, and they know this includes women. It’s when they decide to do something mean to a woman, they claim “uhhhh, well, I wasn’t taught SPEFICIALLY not to do this to women (even though he was taught not to do it to EVERYBODY), so I didn’t know better.”

    How can you know it’s wrong to lie to 100% of people, then suddenly “forget” its’ wrong to do to some of them? Impossible. It’s literally impossible to know something’s (say, lying) wrong in all cases, then magically forget that it’s wrong in some of them.

    Besides, I’m not naive enough to fall for social determinism, either. Of all these children social scientists and psychologists say “oh, he was just TAUGHT to believe that, he can’t possibly know his parents are wrong!”, I can point out tons of kids who, say, play on the wharf when their father tells them not to play on the wharf- so they ARE capable of disobedience or questioning their parents in that regard. Why not in terms of hatred and bigotry?

    Sorry, I think it’s a choice, and I remain a believer in putting the responsibility on men, and on whoever else chooses to hate someone for something they didn’t do, or to take advantage of them.

    Social determinism is a male-invented philosophy, BTW. Of course it’ll say “we can’t help it, it’s our culture.”

  13. “(the amount of violence throughout history for religious and nationalistic reasons suggests that what is ‘good’ can be highly subjective).”

    So the fact that someone BELIEVED these things were right meant they actually were right, or that it actually was a subjective matter?

    So since some people believed that the world was flat, and since others didn’t, that means, in actuality, that the world’s shape is subjective?

    And, no, I would not kill Chinese if I were in an anti-Chinese society. I was one of those kids who “never listened to the social norms.” And even if someone would do that, the fact that they would do it doesn’t change the fact that it still was a conscious choice on their part. You choose to believe what someone tells you.

  14. Yume-chan,

    Nowhere have I said we should try to ‘understand’ men’s violence in a ‘sympathetic’ way, but we need to understand why the world is the way it is, otherwise we are doomed to inaction.

    ‘Radical’ means pulling things up by the roots, if we want to do more than pick up the pieces after men’s violence, we need to start making radical changes to society.

    I no more believe boys are born evil than I believe that girls are born to be victims of violence; how society raises boys is as much a feminist issue as how we raise girls.

  15. White Valkyrie,

    Nowhere have I said that men don’t know what they are doing when they commit violence against women. All I have said is that I am not prepared to write off half the human race as inherently evil.

    The conditioning we receive as very small children is as simplistic as ‘don’t hit’, ‘don’t lie’ but very quickly children pick up that these rules are not hard and fast, and that the adults don’t stick to them anyway. Children learn from all their experiences, not just what they are didactically told.

    I am not claiming that men just need to be ‘educated’. I have already said: it’s a waste of time trying to convince misogynist men not to be misogynist any more, and […] men’s abuse of women happens because male-dominant society lets them get away with it.

    What more do you honestly want from me? What do you think you are achieving by bombarding me with these accusations?

    “So the fact that someone BELIEVED these things were right meant they actually were right, or that it actually was a subjective matter?

    “So since some people believed that the world was flat, and since others didn’t, that means, in actuality, that the world’s shape is subjective?”

    The fact that someone believed something was right meant that to them it was right. Whether or not there is a purely objective morality that exists independently of human existence is a debate that will never be closed; the shape of the earth is an objective fact that will be the same regardless of human opinion, and would be the same if human beings never existed.

    The point I was trying to make was that since what different societies considered to be right and good has varied across time and space, this means that we may not come pre-programmed with any ‘objective’ morality, because there may be no objective morality in the first place. If one group of people can believe, through religious or political indoctrination, that killing another group of people is good, then it should be possible to raise boys in such a way so that they do not turn out to be misogynists.

    “And, no, I would not kill Chinese if I were in an anti-Chinese society.”

    You can’t possibly know that. Under Nazi Germany, children were so brain-washed by Nazi propaganda that they would kill their own parents – that kind of thing doesn’t just happen randomly.

    I really don’t know what you want from me here; I am categorically not saying that men cannot, or should not be held responsible for their actions and I agree completely that a large amount of male violence occurs because society allows men to get away with it. That’s why I want to change the way society responds to male violence, making it genuinely unacceptable, and educating boys properly from a young age not only that violence is unacceptable, but that dominance, control and ‘manliness’ are not the only ways to be a ‘real man’ would go a long way towards changing things – and part of that would be society punishing male violence properly, which it doesn’t currently do.

    I’m not even sure where we actually disagree here, except that I refuse to believe that boys are born evil.

  16. Yes, pretty disturbing. Also, Hugh Hefner giving a curfew to his barely-legal blond cookie-cutter girlfriends is all levels of creepy.

    I didn’t think of the bunny logo, but I know women who don’t watch porn who like their logo and don’t think of what it means. It’s everywhere, just like Nike. The marketing to children isn’t surprising.

  17. […] a site I follow called “Anti-Porn Feminists” who describe abuse and trafficking that goes on in the porn […]

  18. I hate porn and Playboy. I cant understand how they are allowed to degrade women into sex slaves.

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