Another ‘thanks sex pozzers!’ post (this time with added bestiality)

I am putting a TRIGGER WARNING on this, as I discuss bestiality scenarios, and the abuse of women to make bestiality porn.

These numpties have zero understanding of non-human animal* physiology and psychology – it should be irrelevant anyway, because of the not-small fact that animals are not capable of consenting to sex with humans.

But since some people may consider it a plausible argument (and think that they are getting ‘progressive’ ‘edgy’ points for not ‘shaming’ zoophiles), let’s address it.

First, and most obviously, there is the simple fact of scale; small animals like cats or rabbits or poultry, even if they are already ‘sexually active’ with their own species, are too small to be penetrated by a human male. And since we’re talking about penetration, while male-male same-sex behaviour has been observed in a wide range of animal species, actual anal penetration has not, so a ‘sexually active’ male animal, of any size, is not ‘physically ready’ for sex with a human male.

Secondly, most species of animals only mate when they are in season/heat, and the female of the species will select a suitable mate after some kind of courtship display or similar behaviour; this will involve complex visual and biochemical cues, so that the female ‘knows’ she is mating (and potentially reproducing with) a suitable male. Being penetrated by a human male will not recreate any of this, the female animal will not experience it as mating in any meaningful way; it will just be a violent attack on her genitals, she will not be ‘mentally and physically ready’ for it in any capacity.

This attitude to bestiality is actually an extension of misogyny, women exist to be fucked, therefore a vagina is an insensate ‘hole’ that exists to be penetrated, therefore penetrating a non-human animal’s vagina is no big deal either.

Of course, not all bestiality is human males penetrating female or male animals. Women being penetrated by animals is a woman-hating porn genre, and some male zoophiles will train animals such as horses to anally penetrate them (see the documentary Zoo, about an infamous case where a man died participating in this practice).

Anyone who has seen the behaviour of an unneutered male dog will realise that it probably isn’t that difficult to get some male animals to behave in such a way, but male animals are still responding to biochemical cues when they mate, training them to penetrate a human (male or female) is getting them to behave in a way that is contrary to their nature, it is as cruel and degrading as any mainstream circus act.

I imagine that some soi-disant ‘bright spark’ will bring up the social behaviour of animals like chimps and bonobos, where animals will engage in non-reproductive sexual activity (including same-sex activity) in order to strengthen social bonds (I have written about this before, in the context of it not being proof that prostitution is a ‘natural’ behaviour), but again, this is only something that occurs within a species, and more to the point, within a tightly knit social group; this doesn’t prove that such animals are sexually available to anyone from any species, they are not ‘mentally and physically ready’ for a human barging in on their complex social interactions (and fortunately, given that chimps at least are much more powerful than humans, any idiot trying to get in on the ‘action’ would likely be torn limb from limb).

In (stating the bloody obvious) conclusion, it is not natural for any animal to ‘have sex with’ a human, they cannot consent to it, and even if they can be trained to do it, it is unnatural and cruel.

I can’t believe it was necessary for me to expend this much mental energy on this subject – thanks sex pozzers!

[*I’m saying ‘non-human animals’, because humans are a species of animal too, and thinking of animals and humans as having a massive gulf between us leads to all kinds of issues with animal welfare, environmental destruction, and human atomisation (forgetting that we are social animals too). These points, however, are not pertinent to this post, but I did want to make the point once; I will simply use ‘animals’ for most of the post.]

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  1. Augh what is WRONG with these people???

    Good post; I hadn’t thought of the potential misogyny aspect of it at all, honestly!

  2. Hello Grackle,

    That’s the bizarre thing about so-called ‘sex positives’, their entire ideology is built around the idea that sex, if you are the one being penetrated, the one doing the ‘servicing’, is meaningless, an act you put on for an audience, no big deal, so you better put out if you don’t want to be called a prude.

    On the other hand, male orgasms are sacrosanct, and nothing that results in male ejaculation can be criticised. To a ‘sex positive’ sex is only real if there is a man getting off to it somewhere.

  3. […] and ethical and behavioral experts, pretty much came up with the same conclusion on this subject that I did here, by recognising that sex with humans is ‘inappropriate’ for […]

  4. The misogynist aspect of animal abuse became apparent to me when I read how slaughterhouse workers often rape female animals for example with electric cattle prods and stuff. It was really terrible to read but a light bulb went on in my head. Not consuming animals and being a feminist is closely connected for me.

  5. That’s horrible. I know I’ve been more than a bit rude about vegans on this blog, but the connection between feminism, environmentalism and animal rights is one I understand.

  6. Any vet can tell you about having to put down domestic animals that have been penetrated by their owners: it causes ghastly internal injuries.
    However, it doesn’t seem to be true that anal penetration is unknown among animals. I personally have seen an elephant in Sri Lanka being penetrated in that way by a riotous group of male monkeys – the elephant seemed totally unaware of what was going on and completely unaffected. But that’s a question of scale: the monkeys were tiny in comparison.
    I wouldn’t mind people having sex with animals so long as they only tried it with large, hungry creatures that are well able to indicate displeasure. No using stun drugs or restraints. Good luck, chaps, with lions, crocodiles and tigers in the wild! They will certainly let you know if they don’t consent.

  7. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    This is also relevant for any discussion on speciesism.

  8. “I wouldn’t mind people having sex with animals so long as they only tried it with large, hungry creatures that are well able to indicate displeasure. No using stun drugs or restraints. Good luck, chaps, with lions, crocodiles and tigers in the wild! They will certainly let you know if they don’t consent.”

    Hahahaha Bluecat, that’s so good!

  9. It is ALWAYS an issue of consent, therefore it IS like the sexual abuse of a child, who cannot give meaningful consent. Child or other animal – passive ‘acceptance’ is not consent!

    Had to LOL at the image of a man trying to f*** a chimp and being torn limb from limb! Not actually funny I know, but revenge fantasies can be brutal.

  10. The whole original comment is laughable in it’s ignorance. The claim: “have most likely already been having sex with other animals” shows that the commentor has no grasp of animal behaviour. What does she think nature is in reality, an x-rated version of a Disney film?

  11. ellahawthorne100

    Wow, just sickening!

  12. I stand corrected:
    Snow monkey attempts sex with deer in rare example of interspecies mating

    A male snow monkey has been observed attempting to have sex with female sika deer on Japan’s Yakushima Island, in an unusual example of interspecies mating behaviour.

    It is only the second recorded example of sexual relations between two distantly related species.

    Snow monkeys and sika deer generally have a symbiotic relationship, with the deer eating fruits dropped from the trees by the monkeys and the monkeys grooming the deer and occasionally riding on their backs.

    The latest paper, published in the journal Primates, describes how a low-ranking male monkey was observed repeatedly performing sexual mounts on at least two different female deer. One doe was seen to bolt and run off, but another female did not appear to object, and licked her side after the monkey ejaculated.

    “This individual showed clearly sexual behaviour towards several female deer, some of which tried to escape whilst others accepted the mount,” the paper reports.

    Marie Pelé, the lead author based at the University of Strasbourg in France, said: “No ambiguity is possible, it is clearly sexual behaviour.”

    The only previous reported case of sexual interactions between two distantly related species, was that of an Antarctic fur seal observed sexually harassing king penguins – and in one instance, eating a bird after having sex with it.

    “This macaque was a non-troop adult male, in other words low in hierarchy,” said Pelé. “He was therefore probably either peripheral or belonged to a group of peripheral males, as other males were observed in the vicinity of the deer.”

    The monkey was also seen guarding the target of his affection and chasing away other male monkeys who came near.

    The scientists said that “mate deprivation” was the most likely explanation for the unusual behaviour, after also considering the possibility that the male was learning to copulate or had failed to recognise that the deer was a member of another species.

    “The most realistic hypothesis would be that of mate deprivation, which states that males with limited access to females are more likely to display this behaviour,” the researchers conclude.

    This still doesn’t make bestiality ok though!

  13. So the concern is consent? I assume every single person here is a vegan, has never owned a pet, and has certainly never visited a zoo or aquarium. Am I correct?

  14. What are you even talking about?

    Are you saying raping animals is fine, because we don’t get consent before slaughtering farm animals?

    Do you think a non-human animal is capable of consenting to sex with a human?

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